Pls Give Ideas For Middle Name

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A - October 29

Hi! I am due in 3 weeks and we still don't have a middle name for Anna. I really want to find something pretty and not too common. My baby name search is getting rather hectic and desperate at this point - pls send in your ideas. Thanks!


k - October 29

How about Anna Lisa, Nicole, Laura, Nora, Victoria, Heather, Marissa, Rose, Kate Good luck to you!


Melissa - October 29

How about Anna Juliana?..that would be soo pretty...=)


Heavenly - October 29

How about Anna Maria? Anna Rain? Anna Elizabeth? Anna Starr? Anna Mae? Anna Alexus? Anna Jade? Let us know what you name her :o) God luck sweety!


HH - October 29

My best friend is Anna Beth, which I think is charming but she hates it. I like Anna Juliet, Anna Rose, Anna Christine, Anna Jewel, Anna Faith, Anna Camille, Anna Michelle, Anna Lorraine, Anna Catherine, Anna Leigh, Anna Tess, Anna Caroline, Anna Nicole, Anna Celeste, Anna Grace? Good luck. Anna is a wonderful name. Is there anyone you would like to honor, or whose traits you would like her to have, a great grandmother, 5th grade teacher or a favorite book character? I'm sure whatever you choose will be lovely. Let us know what you decide!


M.A. - October 29

Anna is a great name! How about Anna Marie, or Anna Rose? All of the names mentioned are nice!


Gemma - October 30

Anna Louise, Anna Marie, Anna May, Anna Renee, Anna Michelle, Anna Rose, Anna Machaela, Anna Shanika, Anna Brooke, Anna Rae, Anna Alise, Anna Suzanne. I THINK ALL OF THESE SOUND NICE SO WHAT DO YOU THINK.


A - October 30

Wow! Thank you ladies - some of these are so pretty. I will have to share them with my husband... HH, we really like the name Anna and it happens to be the name of a dead grandmother. I've been in a bit of stress over finalizing the name in the last few months b/c some of our relatives believe that a firstborn should not be named after a dead person (?!).... My husband and I are not superst_tious though, so I think we are going with the name but we just have to agree on a middle name:)...


me - October 30

K suggested Anna Nicole? Ummm, I wouldn't if I were you! Especially if your last name is Smith! I like Anna Mackenzie. Or Anna Jayne.


Moi - October 30

I'm partial to Anna Danielle or Anna Elise..Good Luck!


Jamie - October 30

My cousin's name is Anna Christine.


K - October 30

Me, Oh yeah I never thought of that lol! I still like the name Nicole though :)


s - October 30

anna mckenzie, anna mckenna, anna monique, anna cherie. please let us know whatcha choose.


Heavenly - October 30

A, I wouldn't at all be worried about naming the baby after a deceased familly member. Our little one' middle name is after her deceased grandma (Graciela-Grace for short). Good luck with your decision.



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