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Fulufhelo - May 31

morning grandpa , it is possible for a perosn to ovulate twice in a month. My fertile window was from 20-25 and i made sure that from 21, 22 and 23 i had intercourse my ovulation was on the 23 May 2017. But now from  29, and 30 when i had sex i still producingwet cervical mucus like im ovulating.


Fulufhelo - June 30

Afternoon GrandPa, just wanna get clarity my dasy are 28 cycle  from May and June and what i heard is that 28 cycle ovulate on day 14th . but this month in June i got my period it was 28 cycle but i only had sex od day 12 and 13 only , day 14th was on the 20 June but according to ovulation calcu;ator it was on the 21 June  now im a little bit confused. 


Grandpa Viv - June 30

I don't think you should worry about a one day difference in ovulation calculation. It's only an average after all. Checking your signs of ovulation pins it down better - cervix soft high open wet, sex drive high, fertile mucus stretchy between thumb and forefinger and maybe an ovulation cramp. 


If your June period began on the 6th you can look for ovulation about the 20th and sex 14th to 21st was well timed. If you were successful you might have some early signs already, but wait to test until you are late or light. 


Fulufhelo - August 3

morning ,

 I just want to get clarity , I got my period on the 5th July 2017  and my  next period was suppose dto beon  the 02  August 2017 but I got them before  on the 31 July 2017 it is possible to get the period twice in  a month, im not stressed.


Grandpa Viv - August 3

That is 26 days between periods and not alarming. 


Fulufhelo - August 10

Afternon grand pa , eish im a little bit confused. July i got my period 4 days and again got it 31 July till 3 august which is 4 days as well. Now when I checked  ovulation calculator says my fertie window is form 09-13 and since it was 26 days my ovulation will be on day 12 which is  11 August 2017. But when I checked another calculators it says my ovulation day will be  day 13 which is 12 August . Please help me which one is correct  because from 12 my hubby will not be around  he will be available from 09--10 of which on the 09 we had intercourse and 10-11 we will also having intercourse. Then if my ovulation will be on the  13 can i  be pregnant if my last sex was on the 11 and if it willb eon the 13 August still can i be pregnant 


Grandpa Viv - August 10

My rule of thumb is that ovulation is most likely 14 days before your expected period. You can verify this by watching your fertile mucus in the preceding days, by checking your cervical position (soft high open wet) and by observing your high sex drive. Sperm lasts inside you for up to five days, so get your tank filled any time in that fertile window. 



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