Plus Size Pregnant Women Where Are They

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YC - July 14

Hello all! I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first child and I am plus size. I am about 250 pounds and 5'5. I have been reading through all of these posts which are helpful but the majority, if not all the posters seem to be small-average sized women. I would love to find a place to chat with women that are closer to my size as I have lots of questions about showing and feeling the baby move that are a little different for a larger woman. I know we live in a society that where thin is in but lets face it, there are lots plus size people as well and we should all be able to share the experience of pregnancy. Does anyone have any ideas where I can look?


Kelly K - July 14

I'm right there with you YC. I'm 5'9 and weigh 240. Things are a lot different when you're already overweight. I haven't gained a single pound yet and my doc said it's completely normal. Plus I wasn't able to really feel the baby until a few days ago (I'm 24 weeks now). There are a lot of us around here that are plus sized women.


Grumpy - July 14

Im with a i was a size 18/20 when i got preggy im 31 weeks now (and i love feeling my little one jumping around) how far along are you!!


K - July 14

I weighed 195 before I got pregnant after being down to 178. I have a thyroid problem so I had gained a lot of weight. I was comfortable around 145ish. That would be a dream..... I only gained 28 with my dd, but with this one, I have gained 50. So, I weigh about 245 - yikes. I know it will come off though and I only have a few days to go before this baby is out! Oh, I started feeling the baby move around 18 weeks.....


YC - July 14

Thank you Kelly K, Grumpy and K, I was really begining to feel like I was the only plus sized pregnant person in the world ha!ha! Though I want to lose some weight (and plan to address that after the baby) I am happy with my size for now and overjoyed about being pregnant. I am trying to watch what I eat as well. As I said earlier I am 18 weeks but I do not feel like I am showing at all. I have gone up a size in onats but more for pieve f mind that I am not squishing the baby more than anything else. I can still fit my old pants though they are a little less comfortable. When did you all start to show? I dont think I have felt the baby move yet but since it is my first I can't tell (I dont really know what I am looking for). Every once in a while a feel something that feels like a flutter but I am not sure if my mind os playing tricks on me. Thanks again for your responses. I look forward to hearing from you!!!


Amy - July 14

hi i'm 8wk 5d this is my 4 pg and i'm 229lbs there is a sight just for over weight moms or mom to be


Jbear - July 14

There's a yahoo group called OPSS-L that is for pregnant ladies who are 50 or more pounds overweight. I love this group...but it's pretty active, so choose the daily digest option or you'll get swamped with emails. Also, has a plus-sized pregnancy forum, but it's a little slow. Kmom's website has a lot of good information about practical issues, and a list of size-friendly doctors in different areas. Also that website has links to large-size maternity clothing websites and where to find plus-size nursing bras. During my first pregnancy, I thought I was the only plus-sized pregnant woman out there...but now that I have the internet I've found that there are tons of us (no pun intended).


Chrsitina - July 14

I too thought I was the only one! Thanks Jbear and Amy for that info. I am 17 weeks, 5' 6" and 234lbs. I've gained about 15 pounds already-- I think I'm in trouble!! Most of my weight is in my hips and thighs, oh and of course my a**!! I am wearing mostly sweats and stretch pants (unb___toned at times!) Im going to the maternity store soon!! I felt the baby move at least twice-- the first time was last week and then again yesterday. To feel him, I gotta lay flat on my back (legs straight), deep breaths, long exhales, and be very calm. Sometimes it feels like my uterus is tightening or just moving around a little. I can't wait till I can feel him being really active and jumping around like Grumpy says!


lynnstress - July 15

Howdy! I'm 18 weeks and I was a size 18W before getting pregnant. I'm 5'7 and approx. 240 - only gained 3 lbs. so far. I'm plus sized AND over 35 AND a first time mom! Do I win a prize? During the past few months, I bought some shirts and tank tops from Lane Bryant, but several sizes bigger. I asked them why they didn't carry maternity clothes, and they said that was a good question. I *THINK* I started feeling baby during this past week - some flutters when I slouch while on the computer (I try not to slouch, though!). So how the heck do we get this site to create a category for Plus-sized and Pregnant??? If anybody knows, let's get it done!


YC - July 15

Hi Lynnstress, You do deserve a prize! I work at Lane Bryant and we get that question all the time. I think we definitely should carry maternity clothes because I have looked at stores like Motherhood and they dont have much of a selection in larger sizes. Glad to hear that you can feel the baby move. I cant wait for that! Are you showing yet? When are you due?


lynnstress - July 15

I AM showing; due December 9. Just last night, hubby looked at me like he'd never seen me before and said "Wow, you really are showing!" I said "It's because I'm wearing non-maternity tank top and shorts." YC, you're right about Motherhood Maternity; it's the same with Target - their maternity clothes only go to size 2X. That's ok with me, because the 2X are a little large on me, but I'd rather have the room and be as comfortable as possible. And you then, YC, get to crusade for getting Lane Bryant to carry maternity clothes!!! :)


Kimmy - July 15

I'm here with ya ladies, 260 pounds before i got preggo, and am now 20 weeks and 265 pounds. I have felt the baby flutter a little depending on which way i am positioned just within the last few days. I find as well that when i bounce my leg or foot (whic i have the habit of doing alot) i feel him flutter! I have been told just recently that i am 'looking' pregnant so i cant wait for there to be no mistaking it .... i LOVE you guys already :)


YC - July 15

yes lynnstress, there are four of us at Lane Bryant that are currently pregnant and we have started the crusade. The company has received lots of suggestions to carry maternity clothes so hopefully it will happen. Glad to hear your pregnancy is going so well. I hope we all continue to post!


YC - July 15

Hi Kimmy, glad you joined us. I feel much better after reading your post. It's hard not to freak out when you read all these posts about people feeling the baby at like 16 weeks. You are a couple of weeks ahead of me and just starting to feel things so that really makes me look forward to the next few weeks. I had an ultrasound last week (17 weeks) and the baby was moving around like crazy so I know he/she is in there (the baby had it's legs crossed so we dont know yet)...I just can't wait to feel it and show! Please keep us posted on your progress!


Christine - July 15

Hey all. I am 9 weeks. I am 260 plbs and loosing some weight becasue this kid is making me sick haha. I started shopping for clothes the day i found out i was pregnant. go on line to google and type in lane bryant, but go to the catalog one. much cheaper and a larger selection for cloths. They also have a maternity section. Wehn do you get your first ultra sound?


JenniferB - July 15 Fashion Bug link for plus size maternity clothes


YC - July 15

Hey Christine...welcome. Yes, the Lane Bryant Catalog is not a part of the chain of stores we just share the same name...long story. I will have to check it out. Congrats on your pregnancy!



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