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kristap - June 15

I might be pregnant... but I have to get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I'm not completely sure yet that I am pregnant. but If i am I dont want to do any damage to the baby by having this procedure done. I took 3 of the walmart equate brand pregnancy tests and they all came out with a very light positive sign. My stomach and lower abdomen is getting hard and is somewhat painful and I pee alot. I just really dont know what to do!!! Please help! Thank you!


angie m - June 15

kristap. When I took the test with my second it was very faint and I called the maker of it and they said if it is faint it is a positive. So you probably are pregnant. With my third pregnancy when I went in for my cleaning they told me that I needed to have my wisdom teeth pulled but that they couldn't do it well I was pregnant. So you might want to tell the dentist that you might be pregnant and ask them if you sould wait untile you find out for sure. You also might want to make an appointment with your ob to see if you are pregnant and make sure everything is doing good. Take care and let me know what you find out.


sophandbob - June 15

i had a wisdom tooth out, with an x ray as well, 1 week after conception so didn't know i was pregnant. The midwife said that this would probably be ok, but I am still worried. I had the need for a 2nd to be removed later in the pregnancy and both the dr and the widwfie both said no way. Air on the side of caution. if you turn out not to be pregnant, you can make the appointment again. If it turns out yes you are (and it sounds like it) then you an breathe a sigh of relief that you didn't do it, and not spend 9 months worrying like me! my dentists provide me with alternate treatment, your might be able to do the same.


kristap - June 15

Thank you guys for your advice... I'm calling the oral surgeon today.. and talking to them.


HannahBaby - June 15

go to your doctor and take a test.


venus_in_scorpio - June 15

just tell the dentist you may be.


venus_in_scorpio - June 15

ive heard a positive is a positive. if you get $20 at CVS they have these digital EPT's you get 2. it clearly says "pregnant" or "not pregnant" thats what I did.


Braydens Mom - June 16

I got xrays and two wisdom teeth pulled while pregnant (before i knew...just a few weeks). My son is perfect!! I also had a CAT scan of my abdomen at about 17 weeks.


donchap - June 16

Light positive is still positve!



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