Plzzzzz Ansa Im Rly Confused

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helen - August 26

i kno dis iz nuttin 2 do wid pregnancy but i hav tried loads of uva sites but no1 has anserd bk. well neway, i hav had oral s_x wid a girl but i hav neva had propa s_x wid a lad. dus dis mean i am a virgin or not???? ps. by da way im not a lesbien i woz drunk n ddnt rly fink bout wot i woz doin.


shell - August 26

erm... yes i think it does mean you have lost your vaginity but i am not sure... sorry.


to helen - August 26

Yes, if you had not had intercourse (pop your cherry) then you are a virgin by scientific standards.


helen - August 26

but wouldnt that mean that a lesbien would always be a lesbien because thay wouldnt have had intercourse.


helen - August 26

sorry in my last message i put "wouldnt that mean a lesbien wud always b a lesbien..." n i ment 2 put always b a virgin


To helen - August 26

Some lesbians don't just lick each other.


to helen - August 26

they put a fake p___s sometimes...I really don't know how to answer your question. I mean, I guess if you are a lesbian you are not a virgin by certain definition but the medical definition of losing your virginity started because the hymen in a woman's v____a had to be broken by a p___s.


N - August 26

i am having a hard time reading this question.. but i think i get the idea.. um i don't really know.. most people define losing your virginity as penitration but in the case of two women, i would say any s_x is still s_x.


dmr - August 26 old are you? Has high school English cla__s gotten this bad in the last 10 years since I graduated?


Erin - August 26

I believe Helen is using improper grammar for fun. You notice she used proper grammar (minus appropriate marks) in one of her posts, but not the others.


to helen - August 29

if you want others to understand what you are actually writing and asking it would be better to do so by writing with words we can understand. You must realized that most of us on here are not teenagers and there for do not understand the type of slang you are using. So unless you are writing to another teen that uses the same slang, get some sense and use some grammar you have learned and maybe you will not get such bad responses from some others that are just as immature as yourself, immature in a literal sense for you, and immature emotionally for others. Don't take this the wrong way, just trying to be helpful.


to helen - August 30

sorry, i don't speak ebonics


TO HELEN - August 30

First, your anger was misdirected. It looks like Erin was responding to another post that accused you of not knowing grammar. She just said it looked like you were using "slang" (as you put it) for fun, not because you didn't know grammar. Second, people wouldn't have to spend so much time reading your posts if they could read it once and understand it.


to helen - August 30

get a life! no wonder all the other sites you tried nobody responded! you're an idiot! do you talk like you write? retarded? where are you from? stupid-ville? get a life! what did you do, write like a moron so you could get a rise out of people? well it worked. god your a goof! nobody writes in slang! they talk slang! good thing you're a lesbian, I'd hate for my son to meet a d____o like you!


helen - August 30

to da last post. OMG how sad, n you say i need 2 get a life! by the way im from da UK n every1 there my age types in slang. so r we all 'retarded' and 'morons' and all da other things u say i am?


to helen...again - August 30

I'm sorry that most of us dont understand you, most of us dont speak stupid! You aren't part of that pregnancy wrestling things are you? You know, the one they talk about on the other thread? apparently, they dont speak english either!


to helen - August 30

everyone your age writes slang, in the UK? I think I'll take a trip over to the teen pregnancy forum and ask if thats true! what age group are you again? 3? 4? and if they really do all speak that way, then yes, they are retards and morons too! must be friends of yours! you wanna type slang? then do it with your age group. most people around here are adults, or atleast pretend to be! dont insult us with your gibberish. you only ask for trouble, and insults when you do!



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