Pondering Over Am I Pregnant

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pallavi - May 16

My mensutural cycle is late by 9 days.But i am not getting any symptons of pregancy.


livdea - May 16

then take a test and find out what it says! I had ZERO "symptoms" of pregnancy. Except for being extremely tired and that was a couple of months into it.


Anon - May 16

Im still not sure if i am pregnant or not i am now 6 days late, i will be taking a test soon enough i just want to be sure ive left it long enough to test. I did have some brownish discharge the other day, then nothing since and my period doesnt seem to be coming. I also had very mild backache. This morning i felt really sick. Other then that nothing. Good luck!


angie m - May 16

I have had three babys and with all three I had no symptoms except a missed period. My symptoms didn't start until I was about 2months pregnant. So get a test and find out so you don't have to stress it anymore.


hara2326 - May 17

yes, the best thing to do would be to take a home pregnancy test or go to your gyn.


pallavi - May 18

Hey,thanks all..am pregnant.If i need more inform..will be back...


pallavi - June 13

As i am pregnant,last night i could not get sleep,and i am feeling tired today,i am not able to sit in one place in office,could somebody tell me why?I was not thinking anything.


angie m - June 13

Pallavi, I had a really hard time sleeping while I was pregnant. I have heard of others having the same trouble but I am not sure what causes it or what to so to help it. My hubby was great and would try to give me back ma__sages and let me take really long baths to try and relax. Some times it would help but mostly it did no go. I really wish I could help and tell you what you can do to get mor sleep but I always just went around being tired. Mabe you could ask the doctor about it and they might have something that can help you. Take care and hope you still don't have any symptoms except the lack of sleep.


pallavi - June 14

Ya,angie it works if u ave just a warm bath..you could sleep nicely at night.Thanks dear,but i would ask the doctor abt this??



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