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crystal - April 19

Ok guys, this is my problem. I want to know the s_x of my baby, but my husband doesn't. He said that I can find out the s_x, but if slip up and he figures it out he'll be really mad and disappointed.(with your first my bestfriend told him by accedent and he was really p___sed so I can't let that happen again) I don't know what to do should I find out or wait?(I really really want to know the s_x I dont know if i can wait)


Jamie - April 19

my husband and I disagreed about it, too - he wanted to know, I wanted to be surprised. It generally doesn't work for one person to know, and the other not - because you're going to start buying either boy clothes, or girl clothes - for example, if you buy a pink dress, he's gonna know you're NOT having a boy. I'd say, as hard as it is for you, try to be surprised.


MzNusty - April 19

You need to tell him that the kid is in your body and you need to know. I mean its your right to know if you have a p___s growing inside you. Would that make you a temporary hermaphrodite?


Layla - April 19

I would just compromise and wait. It would be too hard to keep it to yourself. Since last time, ya'll knew and he didnt really want to, I would say it is his turn to get what he wants and not find out. Fair is fair.


carrie - April 19

I really don't think it will work for one of you to know and the other not to. We were surprised with our first and it was SO great! Even though it was hard to wait. The other bonus is that when people don't know the s_x, they get things you actually need and not just clothes! We didn't have to buy anything for the new baby because people got it for us at showers.


Suzie-Anna - April 19

It doesn't matter, why don't u buy neutral colored clothes, such as yellow, green, white, peach, it looks good on both girl & boy,this way, he won't guess teh s_x and peace will reign in ur household -LOL .That's what i did with my son, we didn't know the s_x, so we chose those colors for the clothes etc....


Misty - April 19

If you would like to know the s_x so you can get gender specific clothes and bedding just have the u/s tech write the s_x on the u/s picture and seal it in an envelope. Then you can give it to someone you trust like your mom along with some money to go out and buy some gender specific items. You can still look for gender neutral clothes. But this way when you have the baby your mom can come in with a present that has either a cute little boy or girls outfit in it for you to take your baby home in. I don't remember whos idea this had been, but I loved it and I plan to do this.


b - April 20



Tolesle - May 1

well i think its time for a compromise. but you're carrying the baby and putting your body and life on the line so your husband needs to respect that....its a baby not a party.itll be a suprise for him when the ultrasound tech tells u lol. tell him to just be happy with his child whatever. still in all its your husband and being a married woman means picking your battles......so good luck.



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