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Shella - May 7

The last time I had s_x was on March I got my period March 31-April 4! My period kinda shifted to either the very end of the month or the very beginning of the month.Anyways I was expecting my period at the very end of april or very beginning of may, okay so no period yet,! Anyways one of my friends told me I should take a test, I thought why should I since I got my period in March after I had s_x. Anyways so I got an E.P.T yesterday and took it and after waiting for the exact time line, I looked and it saw one dark line and a very very light faint line. But you could clearly see it, you didn't have to look close to see it, I was happy then thinking to myself, is this for real.I'm on day 38, and this is longest I've gone without a period, am I pregnant? The test showed two line but one was very very light and faint..is that positive?


Shella - May 7



April - May 7

which way was the dark line going? I did the E.P.T. test too and it confused the c___p out of me.... because there was only one line but it was going up and down like the letter "I" not sideways like "---"... so I wasn't sure what that meant... luckily I had a pap appt. set for a few days later... turns out if the line is going straight up.. that means you're pregnant...


Shella - May 7

The dark line was on the right. The faint line was on the left. I did E.P.T where is wasn't a plus or minus sign. I did the one where if it showed two lines, then your pregnant! I have a Clearblue Easy and E.P.T digital I'll take them in a little bit! Wish me luck!


Jbear - May 8

2 parallel lines on most pregnancy tests means you're pregnant. It doesn't really matter how faint it is, the only thing that can make that second line show up is pregnancy hormones. Congratulations!


HP - May 8

I used First Response, it gave me one dark line and a very faint line. I went to the DR the next day to get tested, sure enough it was positive. I'm now 19 wk preg. Congrats Shella!


Shella - May 8

Bad news, I took two Clearblue Easy digital test and they both said not pregnant, but when I looked at the test strip it showed two lines! Hmmm!!! The E.P.T I took said positive.Anyone had this, and was pregnant?


Shella - May 8

Also, I'm about to be on day 40, this is the longest I've gone without a period!


April - May 8

My aunt kept having negative tests when she was pregnant with her daughter's... so it's possible.. probably your best bet is going to be to go to the doctors and have them give you a blood test or something...


Misty - May 8

It is perhaps possibl that the other two tests showed negative because they weren't as sensitive. Some tests pick need more of the chemical to read positive. I would suggest going to a doctor or to Planned Parenthood to have a pregnancy test done, then you should know for sure. Most likely you are though. No matter how faint that line was in the first test it would have only been there if it was picking up HCG in your system, and that is only there if you are pregnant. GL. Keep us posted if you can.


shella - May 8

take another test in the morning use your first pee ( urine).


jenny - May 28

this same thing is happening to me right now. I took a test a couple days ago and there was a faint line. A line that was faint but you could see. Now yesterday I took another one and the line was even fainter. I used afternoon pee a few days ago and morning pee yesterday, so what does all this mean?


to Jenny - May 28

Pregnancy tests use the HCG levels in your pee. First morning pee has the mose HCG. So if you test in the morning and you are pregnant your line will be much darker. Late in the day you pee alot and drink alot. The HCG gets diluted and you can get a faint line. This usually happens very early in pregnancy. On pregnancy tests usually any two lines means your pregnant. The faint line just means you have a lower level of HCG In your system.



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