Positive Pregnancy Test Same Day Negative Am I Pregnant

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El - October 30

This is long, but I have to explain in order to ask my question properly. I had intercourse on the 15th of October, should have ovulated on the 18th of October. I've had sore br___t, nausea, light cramping and have been extremely tired since about a week after ovulation continuing up until 10/28 when I tested. I tested early that morning and received two of the darkest pink lines, in less than a minutes time. I'm pregnant right? Well, that same afternoon, I took the second test that was in that box and it said negative. I have since taken 3 of the same kind of test (can test 5 days early) and they have all been negative. I have since been spot_tng, nothing on my panty liner, but always something when I wipe. I've had no cramping (except for what I mentioned before) and now the symptoms that I've had are gone. I'm due to start my period Monday (11/1/). My question is this, how can I test positive so quickly and have the results be as dark as they were and then within 8 hours be negative and not show a positive again? Am I pregnant? Has anyone ever experienced this before


k - October 30

hrmm. It is more common to get false negatives than false positives,, soo MAYBE when you tested and it went positive your Hcg levels were at a good level (like first thing in the morning) the next time you took the tests, they could have dropped, as I think they may decrease slightly during the day.but a false positive is also a possibility. I would go to the doc for a blood test.


m - October 30

k said it well. Early morning urine is more concentrated and detects hcg with greater accuracy. As bad as I hate to say this, it could also be that you are miscarrying. You should really go see your doc first thing Monday morning. Have him to take a blood test. Even if you get what seems to be a period. Sometimes women don't know they're miscarrying because they think they are having a regular period. I hope that isn't it! Either way, have your doc do a blood test... a quant_tative one. False positives are very rare!


ana - October 31

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me to [email protected]


el - October 31

thanks for resonding! I am going to make an appointment to go to the doctor on Monday. I haven't gotten a positive since the first one, and I have tested first thing in the morning. I'm not too concerned, it may just not be my time. I am going to the doctor just to rule out an etopic pregnancy and to confirm whether I am pregnant or not.


m - October 31

good luck!


k - October 31

good luck from me as well :)


Viv - November 1

Come back and tell us what the doc says. I would have thought it far too early to decide if there were an ectopic pregnancy, and probably too early for the doc to give any information that could not be obtained by a home test. Based on timing and symptoms, in my opinion you are quite likely pregnant and you should wait a few days before testing again.


kate - November 2

i have a similar problem. the first test i did came back positive, all the rest have been negative. i been to the doctors and her test came back negative too! she also said to me that it was unlikey to be an eptompic as it would show with a positive result.. so who knows!


Nikky - November 4

I think I have the same issue as you Kate. Please tell us what happens with you.


kate - November 4

nikky.. well i have just fished out of the bin one of my tests that i did about 11am this morning (UK time) . it has a faint line showing a positive on it. it didn't have that line when i put it in the bin. can this be reliable as this is what happened on saturday?


m - November 4

kate, if you have got 2 positives, even though faint, you are most likely pregnant. Go see your doc and have him confirm it for you. congrats!


kate - November 4

m .... well i have had 3 positives altogether but loads of negatives. the +s i've had have all appeared a long time after. even so, you still think it's possible? they say you should disregard any results after 10 minutes


m - November 4

Yeah, that "10 minute rule" is a disclaimer to keep the hpt makers out of hot water. A positive is a positive. And different times of day, coupled with different types of tests can mess with the negative vs. positive. Morning urine, plus a sensitive test should give you many positive results! When I was pg w/my youngest son, it took a long time for the faint pos to show up. This isn't uncommon and normally means you are pregnant.


Shelly - November 4

How soon with the doctor see you? The first day of my last period was Sept. 13th.. I set up an appointment w/the doc when I got a positive test (on October 15th) and they said I had to wait for so long.. and set me up for Nov. 8th... seems like everyone on here gets in sooner though.. is this right?


kate - November 4

m - thanks. i am going to see the doctor tomorrow so will let you know!


m - November 4

Well, if it's not high risk... no bleeding, cramping, previous miscarriage, etc, they want you to wait until you are about 6-8 weeks, so that they can see more on the ultrasound. The people who are getting in quicker are doing so because they are having some bleeding, cramps, etc that may be cause for concern. If everything is fine with you, nothing to worry about. With both of my sons, they didn't have me to come in until I was about 7 weeks. Does this make sense?



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