Positive Test Neg Ultrasound

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Amy - May 6

Hi all, I'm Amy . I am 25 and trying to get pregnant. My LMP was march 11 2005. Home test came out positive. I have all the signs and syptoms, but the ultrasould today came out negative. The doctor said that it is possibley too early to tell. I am so disappointed,. What should i make of this?


Karen - May 6

Well when I called my doc and told him about the pregnancy test he gave me an appointment to see him in 4 weeks. By that time the baby was about 9 weeks and able to detect on the ultrasound. The little one may be too small to see right now. I would start taking prenatal vitiams (folic acid) this helps create the perfect enviroment in the womb for the pregnancy. I was on it about 5 months before conceiving. Good Luck


tehProgamer - May 6

yes, karen is correct, maybe the HCG hormone is now detectable but the baby is still negligible to be seen by u/s... wait for another few weeks then you can now have another u/s to see how ur baby looks like (at that time) >_^


Tracy - May 6

That happened to me. I somehow got pregnant three to four weeks after my LMP so when I thought I was 8 weeks I had an ultrasound and nothing was found. I was crushed. My doc started tracking my HCG levels for a couple weeks and it continued to rise as it should. Turns out I was too early to see anything that first time. I went back when I actually was about 8 weeks and everything was fine. This is probably true with you as well. Good Luck!


Monica - May 7

Hi, I'm 24 also was trying to have a baby. I was thought to be 5 weeks plus according to my last period. I had some light bleeding so went in ti the ER to get it checked out. They did an ultrasound and didn't see anything too. They suspected ectopic, but now they realize my hcg levels are rising like they should. I just think they couldn't see anything because it was too early. I go back for an ultrasound Monday. I hope by then they will be able to see my baby, Oh by the way, I did have irregular periods, maybe that's why the due date is off....can anyone give me guidance on this?



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