Possible False Negative Results

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SN - November 6

I'm a week overdue (and I usually run like clockwork) and had my implantation bleeding on Oct 24th. I've been experiencing tiredness, wierd womb feelings (not quite cramps) and (sorry to be graphic) constipation - but I've had 3 negative pregnacy tests - has anyone out there had false negative pregnancy tests?


KM - November 6

false negatives are very common. See the doc for a blood test they are more acurate


Kerrie Morris - November 7

I think ? im only 8 weeks maybe more last month i did a pg tset that came back negative then i had my period, but i was feeling sick and had sore b___bs


dana - November 16

yes i was trying to get pregnant and bought ovulation kits and tests and the same thing happened to me i missed my period and took like 3 tests all came up neg. so i got online oneday for answers and someone said that happened to them but it was probably just the test not detecting such low levels of hcg in your blood and so that day right after iread that i took another preg test and guess what?---i am now 35 weeks pregnant so good luck if it's what u want


m - November 17

Definitely. With my son, I started testing a couple of days before my missed period, and tested every day for the next 2 weeks w/negative after negative. Almost 2 weeks after my missed period, I finally got a faint positive. So I got many false negatives before finally getting my pos. They are pretty common. Some women's hcg levels just don't rise as quickly as others. good luck, and happy testing!


Kerrie Morris - November 17

This looks like every one had boys as when i had my first boy the test was really faint, Does any one reckon i could be having a girl as my test had the brightest red dot id ever seen and it was only the day after i was due on.


steeler fan - November 17

Kerrie Morris It's interesting you should say that about preg tests. I had very faint positive results with my son and very bright with my daughter. Wouldn' that be funny if we could tell just by the darkness of the test line? Maybe your'e on to something.


m - November 17

Kerrie and steeler fan, I've never thought about that. Now I am wondering. W/my youngest son, very very faint 2 weeks late, 1st mc - very faint over a week later, 2nd mc - bright 4 days before missed period. hmmm... makes you think. :o) Someone should start a thread about this theory. Very interesting!


Christine - November 17

They do say when you are pregnant with a girl your hormones are higher...due to the baby needing more as well...all mine have come out very dark...even before a missed period and I am now pregnant with my 3rd daughter


steeler fan - November 17

I started a thread. Stay tuned for the feedback! :)


Kerrie Morris - November 17

i have two bos and the were both faint dots maybe number 3 is a girl


m - November 17

steeler fan, I saw "tell us about your test results". I'm so glad you started that. Kerrie, would you mind to post your story there, too? It will turn out to be an interesting thread. Our own "unofficial" study. :o)


m - November 17

Oops, Kerrie, you were a step ahead of me. Sorry!


kerrie Morris - November 17



surfergirl - December 1

when an embryo is only a few days to a few weeks old, it isn't yet s_xed, so how could the test come up differently based solely on the s_x of the embryo?


m - December 1

Actually, s_x is determined at the moment of fertilization. Either an x or a y fertilizes the egg. If it's x, it's a girl, if it's y, it's a boy... determined at that moment. And by the way, it was just a thought. Sometimes it's fun to play around with ideas like this. Maybe it's a factor, maybe it isn't. We never pretended this was a scientific study!


Laura - December 4

k i got fingered by a boy i dont think he had c_m on his fingers tho. my period was 4 days late and wen it arrived it was fairly light i then took a preg test it came back neg. is there a chance i am actually pregnant help me



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