Possible Movement

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kd - September 18

im 15 weeks pregnant and i keep getting this feeling in my stomach. Its like my stomach shifts or turns over (it makes me sick feeling) when it happense.. Could this be fetal movement???? Or nothin at all. it doesnt happen very often but when it does its very noticable!!!!


best advise - September 19

obviously no one cares to answer you. Basically there sayin what a stupid question kd....lol I guess ur just stupid....loser


vonda - September 19

that is the baby, how cute!!!!! You are not a loser, your pregnant.


Pregnant too - September 19

This is to reply 'best advise'. I think that your answer is very rude and uncalled for. It is obvious that you are a young child, whith no maturity. KD has questions, so do all of us on here, and we do not need criticism from young unpregnant kids. No questions are stupid, only stupid answers like the one you gave. Please show respect. KD, good luck with the pregnancy, I hope you find the answers you are looking for. I am only 6 weeks, so i cannot help you yet. I just think 'best advise' was way too rude. :)


ann - September 20

kd, i think i felt exactley what you are talking about, i am not to shure because i dont know if i am even pregnat, i took 2 home tast they were (-) but i was supost to get my peroid the 2 and i did not get it./ i am haveing some symptoms, so i am going down to the clinic tuesday to see if i am. best of luck to you and I will give an update take care


kd - September 20

thank you guys for replying after "best advise" replyed i was pretty upset and had no intentios of returning to this site but you guys made it worth while!!! THANK YOU!!!


best advise - September 20

hey kd whats that stand 4 "kraft dinner" maybe u just ugly and thats y yo sick girl.....stop lookin in the mirror it may be a good start if not ya probly fat to and girl cant help ya there if ur born fat


Dodi - November 20

Hi KD. I am 17 weeks pregnant and feel exactly the same movements and it is always in the place where my baby's legs were on my first ultrasound. I am positive that what we are both feeling is baby.


Dodi - November 20

Just looked at the date of your posting and it makes you around 20 week now. Do you have definte feelings now? what do they feel like?


E - November 20

Sounds like your baby is moving:) Mine felt the same way at that number of weeks but it did not make me sick. It will turn into kicks very soon.


lilmama - November 20

You are definatley feeling fetal movement. Some people just feel it sooner than others. It feels different for every woman too, soon you will be wishing for it to go away! My first son had his foot stuck in my ribs for the last 3 months of my pregnancy, and he just loved to wiggle his toes and put me in agony!!


c - November 21

uh oh E i knew you didn't go anywhere



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