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klweezy - June 21

I posted this on another board, but wanted to ask here as well.... You guys seem so insightful! I am hoping you can help me figure out my issue! Bear with me as there are many dates and symptoms to report! Your opinions are GREATLY NEEDED and appreciated! I am the 'textbook' when it comes to fertility! I ovulate on day 14 and my period is never late, you could set your watch to it down to the minute! OK, now my problem! My LMP was on 5/24/06. On 5/28/06 I started the Nuvaring birth control after being off for 3 months. I didn't tolerate it so well and removed it the same night (8-10 hrs later). I started bleeding again on 6/1/06, not heavy like usual, but lasted 3 days. I O'ed around 6/7/06 (based on my symptoms), which would be 14 days from 5/24/06. I had a glob of white, sticky CM 10 dpo, sorry TMI, (which is not normal for me). Now, here it is 6/21/06 and if you base my cycle on the original bleeding, my period is late! My question is, am I late? Or is it going to come next week (based on the second round of bleeding)? Should I be thinking of taking a test? THANK YOU!!


princess-lu - June 21

sorry i dont know too much to answer your other questions but id say test if you're worried!


kimholl28 - June 22

You should go by the first period date, 5-24, the other bleeding on 6-1 should have been due to the Nuva Ring. So yes you are late, but it is probably because of the Nuva ring screwing up your cycle. Definately take a test if you are really concerned to put your mind at ease.


klweezy - June 23

Thank you so much for helping :) My BF says to give it a couple more days before we test... hard to be patient though!


Grandpa Viv - June 23

So did you have unprotected s_x all month, in spite of having removed NuvaRing? The gooey glob of discharge is a post we sometimes see here as being an early preg sign, but the only signs you have to go with it is a maybe late period. Buy a twin pack hpt and use one first pee Sunday morning and another a week later. Good luck!



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