Possible Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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wendy w - March 20

How am wondering what the chances of becoming pregnant after tubal ligation that was done 13 years ago, and i have had regular cycles until this month and there hasnt been one?


holly - March 13

i need to know the same thing i am 3 wks late nausiated and gaining wght i had my tubes tied burnt and clipped 1 1/2 yrs ago


JUDY - March 17



adrienne - March 24

i had my tues tied burned and clipped 10 years ago. and until this month ago i've had regular periods. this month only had my period for 2 days


E - April 26

I had my tubes cut, tied and burned about 5 years ago. I was wondering what my chances of getting pregnant were?


laurie - April 26

i also had mine tied cut and burned and was wondering the same thing? is it possible to get pregnant even after all they have done to my tubes? judy, were your cut tied and burned? just curious. i have posted on the other site also about having tubes done but i have appt 28th to c if i can get a reversal but if theres hope of avoiding surgery then i wont do it. judy, please let us know or anyone else who has had a normal pregnancy with tubal ligation done. thanks and good luck to everyone


Misty - June 18

I am needing to know the same thing. I had my tubal almost 13 yrs ago. Now I'm working on my 2nd missed period.


Kim - June 23

I too am having the same problem. Cut and burned 11 years ago and 8 years ago one tube and ovary removed due to cyst. But I am three weeks late on my period, backache for last three weeks and constipated/loose stools for the last two weeks. I am 41 years old. Thanks for any advice.


Shawn - June 28

I'm know wondering if I am pregnant. I had my tubes done 5 years a go and now having a lot of symtoms of being pregnant and I haven't even missed my period yet. Has this happened to anyone?


Sandi - June 29

I dont have an answer but I have a question too? My periods have not been normal for last 3 months took blood test came back negative but hadnt missed a period.. Ive had periods with my other children for about 3 months.. Is it possible to be pregnant? I look pregnant too.. please help


Josefina Ruiz - July 11

I want to get pregnan but i am tubes burned and cut what cant I do .


shawn - July 14

I had all the symptoms of being pregnant and turned out I was. I found out that I was when I ended up in the hospital because I was having a miscarriage.My tubes were done 5 years ago.


Cheryl - July 26

I had my tubes tied almost a year ago, and imagine my suprise when I found out that I am pregnant. 4 pregnancy tests and a doctor's visit later... I am not quite sure how I feel about this, since I did get my tubes tied for a reason. The baby's father is ecstatic, while I am a little upset. Guess it's his turn this time...


samantha - August 3

i had my tubes tied 1 year ago today. I did not have a period in the month of july and i have been spotting lightly for about 4 days. could i be pregnant or have an ectopic pregnancy. please help me i am so confused and nervous


vikki - August 4

i am also looking for an answer to the question-can you be pregnant after your tubes being burned? i had mine done 10 years ago and i have a 16yr old son and 10 yr. old daughter. i am 43 years old! last month my period was dark and only a very little spotty. that was june now july nothing, august so far nothing! can you sue your doctor if you are? if i am pregnant i am not happy about this!


samantha - August 11

ok, i have not had a period in over a month and have been spotting going on 1 week. I took a blood pregnancy test on friday and my doctor called me today reguarding the blood test. Is it possible to have a pelvic and my doctor not be able to tell thati was pregnant. And could my doctor be calling me to tell me i am pregnant?


shawn - August 12

samantha yes it is possible that a doctor could mis-diagnose if your pregnant or not. Read the begiining of what to expect when your expecting.She was 2 1/2 months pregnant and was being told she wasn't.Even after blood test and examines. Good luck and let us know if you are.



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