Possible Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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isitpossible - July 8

Hi Melisa. Even after my third child and my tubal I never had a "normal" period for the first couple months. Right now I wouldn't worry. If by next month you see no signs def call doc


VAL.071 - August 3



yrgrl2382 - August 3

i dont have an answer but my mom had her tubes cut burnt and tied(no joke) and had 4 more kids, she has 7 all together now ranging from28 to 9 so it is verry possiable what scares me is it also happened to my aunt she had gotten pregnant after having a tubal and her 4th child and she now has 5 children,i think the only way is if you have all the female organs removed, so here i am wondering the same thing,i had my tubes tied in feb 2005 after the birth of my daughter,my husband and i have 3 children 2 boys 6and 4 and my daughter is 2 i seem to get pregnant every 2 yeard and to my suprise my period is late im peeing every 5 minutes,everything seems to make me feel sick, i guess pregnancy after tubals run in my family(if thats possiable) so im not sure what to think about my situation but what ever happens happens and id be happy either way good luck to every one having this same problem


sephrenia - August 4

Hi there, For those ladies who are thinking about/wanting a Tubal Reversal, Please visit fittobeuntied.com as all the ladies there are wonderful people who will gladly talk to anyone who wants information about the procedure. For those of you who are wondering about the failure rate of Tubal Litigation, as far as my personal research has shown, the failure rate for the Pomeroy Method (Cut, Tied and Burnt) is 7 out of every 500 procedures will fail and the failure rate for Laparoscopic Sterilisation (Clamps, Rings or Filshie clips) is slightly higher at around 36 out of every 1000 (18 out of every 500) within ten years. The failure rate increases the longer you have been sterilised (taking into account age, general health and type of sterilisation you've had). If you have missed a period you should see your local medical pract_tioner straight away as it could be pregnancy but also a sign of something else such as an anovulatory cycle or perimenopause. As for the liklihood of Negative HPT's and still being pregnant, i believe it's much liklier than general statistics would allow us to believe as during the course of my research, I have come across many forums such as justmommies.com who have had women posting that they have had such an experience and still been pregnant, I hope that helps someone here Emma xxx


isitpossible - August 5

Thanks sephrenia for your help. update on mine. I did take a hpt and neg. Of course, that's what I thought. I finally did start or so I think. More like dark spotting and only there when I wiped. Lasted on and off for days. Never nothing serious enough. So I am guessing that was mine and it must be because I am getting older. I keep an eye here and I do hope others come back and update on what has been going on with them.


MichelleP - November 18

I was wondering the same thing, i got my tubes ties 19 months ago after my daughter was born and i have not had a period in almost 2 months and i have some of the same feelings like i did when i was pregnant with my daughter, boyfriend and i are not getting along so i thought it was stress but still no sign of having one, we are still having problmes and i have not told him yet. so if u do have your tubes tied what are the chances of actually carring the baby to full term?


TexanInUtah - November 29

Well, to answer all of your questions, I've had a tubal ligation and tested positive with HPT on Friday Nov 23 and calculated back to LMP which makes me 5 weeks preg. Just remember, nothing is fool-proof, not ligation, not condoms, not pills, not vasectomy. Well, maybe hysterectomy but that would probably be it. Also, my mother reminded me this week that me, Crystal, I am the product of her messup with birth control pills. So, if it's meant to happen, it will. I'm just worried that I hurt the embryo when I slipped and fell this week. Pray for me.


Nonblondmom - December 1

I had my tubal ligation after third child in Oct. 2003. I have NEVER MISSED a period since then and now I fear I may be six weeks preggo. I had mine cut, tied and cauterized during my cesarean...my hubby made sure that is what they did! I luv kids but afraid of another surgery since i had Cesareans with ALL THREE of my children. I feel tired, b___sts dont hurt but they never did till i was 4 months, I feel flutter like things going on down there (as I did with ALL my other pregnancies), sensitive to smell and oddly enough had what looks like Colostrum coming out of BOTH nipples (nipples are dark, but not areolas)...I just fear if I am it may be ectopic. I have taken a hpt that came up neg....but then again I tested neg. with my second child....until I went to the docs........I have a docs appt. on DEC 7th....I will definately repost my results....I wasnt ttc but now I don't think I would mind giving pregnancy another shot....Baby dust to all ttc and wish me luck....I just hope nothing is "seriously wrong" with me! Anyone else in the same boat?


jamie s - December 4

How long did it take you ladies to get your period after your tubals. I am on my third month now after having it done.


mrsfields - December 4

my tubals were done 7 years ago and i wanted do they come loose cause i was getting my period very light and skip a month then come on the next month but i did not have any pains no where but have signs of being pregnant help tell me what's going on


nonblondmom - December 5

Hi Jamie S. I had my Cesarean and tubal at same time in OCT. 2003. I bled for 4 weeks(normal post partum after birth)then stopped.....I had my period the very next month and they have been RIGHT ON TIME ever since then.....I dont have painful periods at all...just a little cramping on the first day....I have had NO PAINS because of my tubal ligation as some say they have.....now as you can see i am late and if I am preggo would be 7 weeks......my sister had a tubal ligation in 2001 and her periods are always on time too.....so for us the tubal ligations have not interfered with our periods.........until now for me! LOL! I will keep evry1 updated....my appt. is in 2 days!!!!!! Very nervous...afraid they will tell me something "else" is wrong....as I sit here at this very moment I felt another "flutter".....this is a mean trick my body is playing on me if I am not pregnant.....


wantanotheraftertr - December 5

nonblond I had my tubal done in 1994 My cycle were perfect till about 4 years ago then I started missing off and on! I also took hpt which came back neg. I did decide that I wanted more children so had a reversal done last Oct and am due anyday. But I never got pregnant after my tubal till I had it reversed hope you find nothing is wrong. Good luck to you!


jeffersdawn - December 11

hello everyone..my name is dawn and im 27 i had my tubal ligation in 2002 durring a c section with my now 5 year old daughter. iam almost 3 weeks late. my period has awalys been spurattic here and there but not this long...i noticed my b___bs being sore about a week ago and i never have problems with that now the past couple of days i have noticed that when i squeeze them colustrom comes out.....im going to get a test tomorrow from the store before i call my dr and make an appointment,,,,,,,im really nervous


Nonblondmom - December 11

My appt for 7th has been rescheduled for the 14th.....I am a nervous wreck! I am not so convinced that I am pregnant...all I know is I still feel the constant flutters in my lower abdomen ALL DAY EVERYDAY! Doc is going to examine my stomach and prob set an appt for ultrasound. Also another thing I have noticed is that I have been bruising very easily...my legs have little bruises all over them and I haven't "hurt" them. Doc says I may be anemic and (I was anemic with all my pregs. and had to take an iron supplement) I am going to start taking iron regardless of pregnancy for the sake of my health......I have never been a hypochondriac....in fact it has been 3 years since I have been to a doctor....this stuff just isn't my cup of tea.....I just cannot wait to get this over with and get on with my life...the "not knowing" is very nerve wracking to me and this situation is interrupting my quality time with my kids because it is constantly on my mind! Wish me luck and I will keep you posted......and to Jeffersdawn...keep me posted on your situation too....it is comforting to know that I am not the only one in this predicament!


family - December 17

Hi, I too had my tubes cut and burned right after my daughter was born. This was 8 years ago. My last period was early and I'm NEVER early and I only spoted for about 3 days, it's been almost a month now and nothing. I'm so tired all the time. And for a change not very hungry at all. Now I'm not sure when I'm due to start? My periods are either on time or a little late and very heavy so this one is way off key for me. Should I wait to get tested to see if Im pregnate or wait a little while longer? I'de actually be very happy if I was pregnate. Thanks


grammie51 - December 22

can u b preg. after u had ur tubes cut and tied over 18 yrs. ago?



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