Possible Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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[email protected] - November 22

ladies please help my name ios michele I had my tubes tied 13 yrs ago I ma LATE 12 days ..this has never happen before I am 35 what is going on please help .please email me .I am going crazy and all my family thinks I am crazy .am I ???


Michelle - November 22

Michele, did you take a preg test? If it comes out neg go and see your doc, let us know what is going on! I wish you the best of luck!


[email protected] - November 23

how do I see when the ladies send messages to me


sharon - November 23

i don't have a answer to the questions. I have the same question, wondering if I am or can get pregnant again after having tubes burnt and clipped.HELP ME PLEASE!!!!


Nicki - November 23

I'm sorry but I don't have an answer I've heard the same thing that there is a chance that you could become pregnant after a tubal. I'm in the same boat I had my tubes done in April 2005 and my period is almost 2 weeks late and i'm always right on with it. I have some of the symptoms. I already have 3 kids. Oh yeah I've also been kind of dizzy lately.


mommy of 3 - July 14



Kalabrummett - September 12

I had my tubal in 1997. Last month I missed my period but I am raising a teenager and thought it was stress. I am 34 years old and the only reason I have ever missed a period was due to pregnancy. I can't imagine after all of this time there would be any possibility. What other problems could be going on? I am now about 3 days late on this months period. Does anybody have any idea what is going on?


SECRETD - September 15

i want to know the same thing can i get pregnet after have a tubel dont becaust i want to can any one help me please thank you


Michelle - September 15

Were you clamped or did they actually tie your tubes?


SECRETD - September 15

i only have one tub left i had a tubel pregancy and i did had my tubs tied


chazzy418 - November 11

I had my tubes calmped 4 years ago. I am wondering the same exact thing. The dr. says I am not pregnant, but I sure feel like I am.


Tracy ([email protected]) - November 11

Okay I had a tubal ligation done in 7/1996, I am 35 on 2nd marriage. Husband has 1 child w/ previous marriage and I have two. (Together they are 10, 10 and 11). We so want to have a child together but reversals are outrages in $$$. I regret my desision soon after getting tubal ligation (1st husband was done having kids, I really wanted one more).......anyways I go 24 to 26 days between periods.....i am late by 4 to 6 days.....we would love to be preganant, but we are trying not to get hopeful. Will go get pregnancy test if i dont start in a few more days......PLEASE WISH US LUCK ON HAVING A BABY!!!! :)


whatisgoingon - November 11

Tracey that is fantastic!! Ooooh I am keeping my fingers crossed tight for you!! Hope you get the positive result!! Good Luck sweety xo


tracylynn71 - November 12

okay we went and bought pregnancy test last night and results were negative and then this morning i woke up with cramping and well i think i have started......3 hours later I am just spotting and still cramping......I dont cramp during my periods, maybe cause I am almost a week late or maybe my body was miscarrying from a tubal.......we will keep our chin up! and it looks like we be paying for a reversal at incone tax time....for thoses who are wanting a reversal here are two of the cheapest places........www.riobravoreversal.com & www.tubal-reversal.net......the cheapest is the 1st site and its in Mexico (barely). Good luck to all who want to be pregnant & for thoses who dont, take it as a blessing for someone who cant and think about adoption........*hugs to all*


Imelda - November 25

To everyone who's late on their period. I had a regular period then stopped for 3 months and started up again for only 3 days. Went to doctor and she told me if I wanted to have regular periods I would have to take the pill. but first had to wait till my next period started, then take a pregnancy test to make sure I wasn't expecting-I said what? expecting a baby why is their a chance I can, she said Yes you can be expecting even after a tubal ligation over 2 years ago. And she said Yes! So if I can have one after 2 yrs. I guess you guys can after more than 10 yrs. Get checked, by blood test. Make sure, good luck and let me know what happens.


JanetH - November 25

hmmmm...........I have no clue. However if you have missed a period I would say that you should go and take an hpt test. If you have missed a period it should be pretty accurate. I heard that having your tubes burned made it almost impossible to get pregnant but I guess nothing is impossible.



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