Possible Pregnancy After Tubal Ligation

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JanetH - November 25

hmmmm...........I have no clue. However if you have missed a period I would say that you should go and take an hpt test. If you have missed a period it should be pretty accurate. I heard that having your tubes burned made it almost impossible to get pregnant but I guess nothing is impossible.


Michelle - November 25

MY doctor actually told me about a possible 3rd tube.... VERY rare but can happen! Nothing is impossible though.


tracylynn71 - November 26

okay I been told that 2 out 100 women can get pregnant after a tubal ligation has been done over 10 yrs ago.....and yes they say it is from a tube regrowning and attaching itself......it usually happens to thoses who DO NOT regret the tubal ligation......for us that regret getting the tubal ligation, it be a miracle to have it happen to us...............


chazzy418 - December 5

Hi all. I am going through the same thing. I go tomorrow for a transvagainal ultrasound. My dr. said If I am not pregnant then it could be something called pcos, I am still getting information about that. I am hoping to see a baby even though I had my tubes tied 4 yrs ago. I always wanted a baby girl. I can't wait till tomorrow to see, even though alot of hpt and blood tests show I am not pregnant. My dr. said sometimes women either produces to much hcg or not alot through out a pregnancy, and the baby still is healthy. The only way for certain is to have the u/s done. Wish me luck, best of luck to you all!


isitpossible - December 6

Good luck chazzy418. Please do come back and post your results.


chazzy418 - December 6

I went today for my u/s. The technician wasn't helpful at all. She didn't say anything. I have no answers as of right now. This afternoon my dr. is suppose to call me with the results. So of course more waiting. I don't want to get my hopes up, The strange thing is that I seen a black round circle in my uterus, and right ovary so I have no idea what I was looking at. but watch I proubably ain't pregnant. I will post more once I know. Thanks for answering me.


bobbi c - January 9

hi wendy, i was wondering the same thing. i have not had a normal period since october. my b___st are tender, my urine has a very strong odor, and i am always hungry. i had my tubes tied 15 years ago. i am now 36 yrs old.


Billys girl - May 18

Hi everyone! I guess I am the lucky one. I had my tubal done 14 yrs ago this Novermber. I haven't gotten pregnant nor do I use any other form of bc. I have finally met the love of my life. I have 2 kids he has 3, and we want no more. So I am safe to say that I dont regret my tubal and I am counting on it stil!!! Good luck to each of you who want more children after tl, but as far as I can see the tl's work.


bboyd - May 18

I am going through this also.... I have my tubes tied (aug.2005) and have never missed or been late on my period until this month.. My last cycle was April 1st... I have taken 3 hpt and 2 were positive, I went to the Doctor and had positive urine but they said my blood was neg and that my HCG level was not normal, it is higher than it should be but not high enough to test positive, what do they mean by this? They also told me too wait 2 weeks and if I haven't had my period to call them back and they will go from there.. I don't know what to do... Has anyone else went through this? Any advice on what I should do would be WONDERFUL!!!! I have some symptons of being pregnant but I have had different symptoms with all 3 of my children....


etrowan - May 19

I noticed that a few of the women had their tubes tied many years ago... Have you considered the possibility of early menopause symptoms? My mom is quite young (47) and for about 6 years she's had very irregular periods - her Dr said it was just the onset of menopause.


snickers - May 19

I had my tubes tied about 1 year ago and is there really a chance to become pregnant again. I have no ides what i had done but I had to get the tubel done do to a health problem. We currently us no BC because I that we were safe. How or where do you find out more information about this.


sa__sysissy - June 30

I had my tubal done in 97. I'm only 30. I've always have a normal period til this month. What are some of the the symptoms if. I only spotted this month and now are about a week and a half past my period. What do you guy think? Help If you can..PLEASE!!!


Tangerine - June 30

Apparantly you can, the only way to know for sure is take a pregnancy test.


isitpossible - July 1

Hi all I have posted before. I have been down this exact same road since i have had my tubes done. I never had a problem with my period or missing them unless I was pregnant. I have since for 6 yrs. Missed. spotted. Only went 2 days. Have symptoms of being very much pregnant and never was. A LOT of women experience this just from getting their tubal done. It is very common. Matter of fact I am once again late. Was due on the 22nd of june. Of course I have symptoms. But will not worry since I have never been pregnant even though it is possible to get pregnant after having tubes tied so I have read. My doc tells me it's just probably early pre-menapouse (sp) due to the tubal. Not to worry too much. Now if I miss three in a row she may try some hormone treatment or let it runs it's course. It is more common to miss a period after a tubal than to get pregnant. But if you are truly worried take a test or see your doctor. The dollar store now carries test.


MELISA - July 7



isitpossible - July 8

Hi Melisa. Even after my third child and my tubal I never had a "normal" period for the first couple months. Right now I wouldn't worry. If by next month you see no signs def call doc



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