Possible Pregnancy Or Paranoid?

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amayagirl - July 13

I am so paranoid. Is the probability of getting pregnant 4-5 days before ovulation, with no penetration, the guy ejaculated on my legs, I had the misfortune of touching the liquid, smelling it, couldn’t remember if I wiped it or not before I touched my opening (didn’t insert the finger), is very slim? We also had another round in the morning (with penetration this time) but didn’t finish because of some accident so neither of us got a release so that is not even counted. What worries me most was the former. Even if I had unprotected sex (withdrawal method) 6-7 days prior to ovulation, it won’t necessarily be counted since the sperm can only live inside a woman up to 5 days with the right cervical condition. I know at the back of mind, the chances is not as high as when I conceived my first child. This time, the possibility is very unlikely but not until I see a negative result on a pregnancy test will I put my mind to rest.

I know I should have thought of that before doing the deed, unprotected. It’s not that I wasn’t thinking of contraception. I tried taking Cerazette but the mini pill gave me major bouts of depression, uncontrolled blood pressure and weight gain which is not good for a pre-diabetic/hypertensive like me so I stopped.

I miscalculated my ovulation day or most likely, stopping the mini pill disrupted my cycle. I am irregular to begin with. I was diagnosed with PCOS years back, there was even a time I only have my period 2-3 times a year. It will not miraculously go away as there is no cure for PCOS. One has to control weight, do exercise, and control blood sugar to reduce the symptoms of PCOS. This makes it difficult to monitor my cycle as l usually have very long cycles. Guessing when the ovulation will happen is not as easy as those with 28-34 days cycle.


I tried doing emergency contraceptive pills a few hours after that episode but wasn’t able to complete the second dose because the first dose gave me chest pains which is not a usual side effect of doubling up hormonal pills. I got worried so didn’t take the second dose. I was also thinking that I am technically safe because based on my calculation I already ovulated last June 16-18. I had the ECWM on the 16th which made me think I’ll ovulate in the next 12-24 hours. I didn’t think I’ll ovulate early since I am already waiting for the bleeding to come. I had an ultrasound done July 10th because I was really worried of the cramps I’m having and I want reassurance that I am safe. Instead of the reassurance, oh my, the result got me so paranoid.


According to the result, I ovulated at my left ovary which is usual. Unlike other girls, I get ovulation symptoms, sore breast, cramps at the left side, not very painful but would go on for a few hours, and nauseous. I monitored ECWM on the 9th but didn’t give it much thought until I had the cramps the following day. That is the reason why I went to the doctor and got a sonogram. I got so worried when the doctor explained the result because what I initially thought is I could possibly get pregnant within a 4-5 days window.

I started drinking parsley tea yesterday to induce menstruation, I am not even sure if that will work. I am 2 days post ovulation. I don’t know if I am getting a placebo effect because I am thinking I might be pregnant (all I do lately is search google for early signs of pregnancy which is making me more crazy by the hour) I think I’m having sore breast, some cramping, and white discharge. Symptoms that could be PMS or pregnancy which is still very early with 2 DPO.


Grandpa Viv - July 13

Amaya, a long post. You know your body well. I agree that the chance of pregnancy is slim to none. 



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