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Marie - October 31

My boyfriend and I had "unprotected" s_x the day before I ovulated.He ejaculated in me (it happened on October 26th,2004).I'm not sure if I could be pregnant tho!.Anyways, could I be pregnant?


k - October 31

You should already know the answer to your own question. Obviously if it was unprotected, and you can't pinpoint your EXACT ovulation date, 14 days is just the norm, or when you are most likely. Plus sprem can survive a few days, You have a good chance.


Anafiel - November 1

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anafiel - November 1

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?? - November 1

Anafiel..what are you talking about?


Mellissa - November 1

Either Anafiel is making fun of Marie for asking an obvious question by saying that asking it of a bunch of people on the internet is NOT a way to get the answer she needs or.... She is actually selling some homeshopping network c___p that tells you online if you're pregnant. Either way, it's silliness. Yes, Marie, you could be pregnant but there is no way to know for sure until you are a few days past your next periods due date. Sperm can actually live up to 5 days inside of you and you are fertile for roughly 6 days of each monthly cycle. That being said, you may not have ovulated when you predicted and, even if you did, the sperm could have been unsuccessful. In other words, if you were trying to get pregnant and you know your cycle pretty well, you picked a good time to try to get pregnant. But know one can know this until you have a positive home preg. test in your hand or a blood test done. Wait until you miss your period and a few days have gone by to test and do it first thing in the morning with the first time you pee. Try to refrain yourself from testing too early because although you may know someone who was able to test the day her period was missed, a lot of women need to wait and you could go broke buying tests this way!



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