Possible To Have The Baby Until 43 Weeks

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rizza - May 3

im just wondering if it could possible to have a baby until 43 weeks ?


Stephanie - May 3

It's physically possible I suppose, but most doctors will not let anyone get past 42 weeks because it is bad for the baby/mom.


Lissi - May 3

At my hospital they threaten to induce anyone who reaches 41 weeks. I hope I'm not late.


michelle - May 3

My first child was due 1/30 but was born 2/24. He was 25 days late. I think I was supposed to be induced but no one told me anything about it :)


Maleficent - May 4

very possible. it's likely that your due dates we're incorrect. or you could just have a baby who takes his time.


jane - May 4

may be they have a mistakes about the counting of your baby due date.


tess - May 4

its could be possible but most doctor are not gonna let you having a baby in 43 wks its bad for you and your baby.


Bella - May 4

It can happen. My mom's due date with me was Dec. 25. I was born Jan 24, one month late. This was back in the 70s when they let you go until you went into labor. I'm lucky that I came out fine, but I could have had a lot of problems.


Jbear - May 5

The reason they induce you is that the baby's first stool can be pa__sed into the amniotic fluid and then breathed in by the baby.


rizza - May 5

so its possible and the doctor not have a mistake to my due date because my due date is april 9 last month and i still in observation is just of compused to me bcoz i think they just have a mistake to my due date because until now they not say anything about it,yesterday they was checking my cervix and its still not really open yet.im so compused i think they just have a mistake to calculate my due date.


... - May 5

Sure, but maybe a dead one.


rizza - May 5

hey .... your not helping at all if you think like that why you just not keep in your self.its not funny at all and i hope its not happen to you.


rizza - May 5

why you just not read how you response to my question .SURE,BUT MY BE A DEAD ONE.its just not sound nice its scared me at all,anyway i just want 2 know some opinion about that because my doctor not say anything about it,they just have a lot of test and they just keep telling me the baby is fine.but from what i know its bad for the baby and mom thats why im asking a opinion ......


Mog - May 5

I never heard about the pa__sing the first stool thing. I was told the reason they induce is because the placenta starts to deteriorate after 40 weeks and the baby receives less and less nourishment.


Misty - May 5

I have heard about the poop thing, I have also read about it in pregnancy magazines. It is definately something that con happen. I am slightly surprised that your doctor isn't talking to you more about this. I could be wrong, but you seem kindof young. I would be absolutly livid if you were my daughter and this doctor was keeping you in the dark with something as important as your babies health. It is very possible that they just did your due date wrong, but they normally figure this out in the early months when they do the u/s. If I were you I would call and ask to speak to your doctor tomorrow, don't put it off, call, and tell him that you want to know what is going on. Let him know that all of these people are telling you that bad things can happen to your baby and you want to know that if it is true why isn't he doing anything. I absolutly HATE jack-a__s doctors that go on there merry way and don't think to inform there patients about what is going on. You are the mother of the baby in you and it is your job to make sure it is healthy and safe. Right now that means getting all in your doctors a__s and making him tell you what is going on.


rizza - May 6

im 23 yrs old and this is my first baby,thats why i ask some people about that because im just kind of worry too.they probably wrong about the due date .to ms.misty thanks i will call them again tomorrow i just have a prenatal yesterday but for what all the comment that i read in this board i will make it sure that they just have a mistake to my due date,i hope thanks to all people that make a good answer to my question...


??? - May 7

not really its bad to your baby



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