Possibly Pregnant ?

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Renji123 - August 17

ok so , some of you might find this post stupid but i'm actually freaking out and i don't know why so here's my problem :
about a week ago my girlfriend and i were messing around naked in the bed but since we had no protection we decided not to do anything dumb so we somehow just gave each other "HJ" when she was giving me the " HJ " some pre-cum got out and i tried cleaning it out with my fingers and then right away used the same hand to pleasure her with my hand at the moment i did not know if it was dangerous or no but after some researches i found out that a girl can actually get pregnant with pre-cum so here's my question, do you actually think that she mught get pregnant with that ? and please serious answers i'm seriously freaking out 


Renji123 - August 17

i would like to add that before that it happened on 05 august and she had her last period on the 22th of july and that the day when it happened i had ejaculated a few hours before but went to urinate at least once before it happened 



Grandpa Viv - August 17

Hmm, that was on her most likely ovulation day so if you did accidentally transfer some semen to her vagina there would be a little risk. If pregnant she would already be experiencing an early sign or two. 


Renji123 - August 18

what kind of signs ??



Grandpa Viv - August 18

Weird cramps, unusual fatigue and emotions, peeing more often, feelings of nausea and light headed moments. 


Srivani - August 19

Hi, I missed period 5days. Am feeling early tiredness. Fast work I'll do gasping and stomach pain happen. Lots of leg pains and frequency urin happens. Last 5 months onwards my period is regular 4 or 1 day before only it comes. Before 5 days I feel chest heaviness and sore and all. Now no feeling like that. Is any chance may I pregnant. Am confused these symptoms


Renji123 - August 19

she told me that she had her period today... wich is 3 days earlier than expected... does that mean that it's ok ? i mean... that she's not pregnant ? 


Grandpa Viv - August 19

Reiki, a normal period pretty much eliminates the chance of pregnancy. 


Grandpa Viv - August 19

Srivani, if you had sexual exposure at the end of July you should run a home pregnancy test. There's a fair chance of it being positive. 



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