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katie - October 4

i had an abortion when i was 16 because of presure from 24 year old boyfriend.. i developed cycts and infection as a result and ended up in hospital on atibiotics for 5 day + had a laproscapy on my ovaries...i am now 18 and still so torn up over my desision......would my problems have ne effect of me getting pregnant in the future


ANA - October 4

Most likely not. I am going by a name that I don't post under so people won't scream at me...but anyways, I had an abortion at the age of 16 because my parents basically made me. Looking back at how they gave me no alternative really p__sed me off until I actually became a parent. Now, seven years later...actually I had my daughter when I was 20, I understand it. Basically, if your doc, or who ever you saw did a proper procedure you should be fine. The cysts did not develop because you had an abortion, those can happen regardless. I doubt that any problems from the abortion would cause you any fert_tlity issues, and most likely the laproscapy would not have either. That type of procedure is done outpatient and is very very common. If you have a lot of doubts and issues because of the surgery, you need to talk to your doctor and knowing your background, he/she should be able to give you a very educated opinion. Good Luck to you!!


js - October 4

I agree with ANA - when you talk to your doctor or any future ob doctors, you need to be up front in telling that you had an abortion. (If that bugs you and you had the D&C done you could just tell him you had that done and not go into details) but the important thing is that in any future pregnancies (and there will be) you be honest... Good luck!! I had an abortion when I was very young and went on to have two beautiful children - so don't sweat it - leave the past in the past, learn from it and move on... It's all we can do now anyway.


to katie - October 4

I had an abortion when I was 18 and never thought I'd be able to get pregnant again...I guess I felt God was paying me back for doing such a horrible thing. Well, I'm due next month with a little girl. Just take care of yourself, there's no evidence that terminating a pregnancy will leave you infertile. Obviously you know to just use protection from now on. Good luck


A - October 4

They very well can have an affect; that is something you will probably figure out once you try to conceive. Keep getting regular check ups, and don't fall for the pressue again. Abortion is a sad, sad situation. I don't like seeing anyone put in that position. And by the way, abortions can cause problems like cysts. The stress on the body (of losing the baby/touching the uterus) can affect infertility. It may only be in like 15% of women, but still possible. Just keep going to your doc.


katie - October 4

thank you thats been really eating away at me guys have all made me feel better


Anon - October 5

Katie - please don't worry. I have had to have two abortions; one because I was bleeding heavily for weeks and was told that I would either miscarry or the baby would be affected, and one because, even though I wanted the baby, my b/f wouldn't listen to reason and didn't leave me with a choice We were in a terrible financial situation, barely supporting ourselves (and for anyone who wants to judge, yes we did use protection). I'm now 9weeks pregnant and it's going while terminations can cause problems, it's not given that they will.



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