Post Bc Pill Have Dilema Help

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Chris - July 1

I'm 32yrs. old and recently my hubby & I agreed to stop my BC pill (in middle of cycle) to conceive our 2nd child. This was on June 14th. I shortly bleed afterwards from June 17th to June 21st. Now, I'm not sure if that bleeding was from the pill itself or if it was considered a period. Normally while I was taking the pill, I was on a 28-day cycle so my last regular period was while I was on the pill and that was from May 30th to June 5th. Is the bleeding that I had after stopping the pill from stopping mid-cycle or is that considered a period? We have been following an ovulation calendar but, since this period mishap, my dates are messed up. Help pls?


Melissa - June 26

Hi, I found your question! I'm not Shelly, but I will try and answer your question. I am studying to be a Certified Nurse Midwife and have two kids of my own. Anyway, you are trying to have your second child and you stopped the pill in the middle of the pill pack, right? If this is true than the bleeding could be from getting off the pill. I also just recently, well 4 months ago, quit the pill and it has taken up until now for my periods to regulate. The Pill can really screw your "regular,natural" cycles up. Depending on how long you were on the Pill, it can take awhile to get regular again. Or not, some women are right on the very next month after stopping. I would not count any bleeding that took place this month, it is "artificial". When you have a "period" on the Pill it is only because you have stopped taking the synthetic hormones it provides to trick your body into thinking it is pregnant. Even if you think this was a period, don't count it as such. If I were you, I would start charting your fertility signs as of the month of July. Do all 3 techniques, basal body temp., cervical mucus, and cervical positioning. If you are not familiar with all of these than visit, they have the best information I have seen on Natural Family Planning. By knowing your fertility signals and when you ovulate, you will have the best chance of conceiving. And, now that your off the Pill your body can get back to "normal" and you can become fertile again! Good Luck!


Chris - June 26

Melissa, I can't thank you enuff for taking the time to answer my confussing question. Thanx for the insight. You have made things alot clearer on this end. I have checked out this website and it is very informative. You have no idea how much less stressed & confused I now feel knowing the facts. I appreciate you responding. Thank you.


A - June 29

After my 1st child, I dont know -- my brain cells were on vacation -- because I could never ever remember to take the pill. There would be 3 days gone by, and all of a sudden my period would start in mid-cycle. Id take a pill or two to catch up (not supposed to do that but I did it anyway), and it would stop. There were other times I just let it go, and have a "period" and start over with a new pack of pills even though it was early. Since then, I switched to the patch and oh my heavens -- much better, much easier to remember 1x per week than the pill every day. And it kept my hormones at a much better level -- rather than going up and down like I was doing when forgetting my pills. To make a long story short, I too waited at least 3 months before TTC again for the 2nd child......and still working on it. Plus, your first several normal periods after birth control can be all wacky, so if you're like me -- you'll have to go several months before being able to "chart" your length of cycle. I think mine's at an average of 35 days.


Chris - July 1

Thanx for all the input & responses. We are still trying to conceive baby #2 and having fun w/ it as well. LOL! Hopefully, it'll happen soon. (I'm ovulating!)



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