Post Partum Hair Loss

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alina - November 11

how much hair loss is normal after a c-section and a tubaligation?


ally - November 11

jesus christ, now i know why someone dedicated a whole question to rude ppl on here, are u a preteen no name? talk to ur dr as it honestly didnt happen to me or if u have a good repoure with ur hairdresser talk to them, mine told me at certain stages in pregnancy ur hair is at its best yet i was told the opposite, regarding after giving birth i wouldnt have a clue but do talk to either one as they will be able to answer u and tell u what to do.... all the best


Preggo - November 12

Sorry about the idiot that posted previously..... I've read in Parenting that because of increased blood flow during pregnancy hair may thickin', but all that extra growth falls out and goes back to your normal hair thickness after pregnancy. Thats why hair falls out during post partum. So you should not lose to much or more than what you had before. (I hope for all ours sakes that its true )


Jamie - November 12

I've recently started shedding lots (3 months pp from c-section) but my hair is still fairly thick.


jen - November 12

Hello there, I went to see a doctor about two months after the birth of my twins. He said it was intresting because he had just completed a study on just the subject. Anyhow, Preggo was pretty much on track. During pregnancy your shift in hormones causes you retain more of the hair you might otherwise shed. Postpart the shift changes again and you lose all that hair. I b___stfeed the boys, so I didn't have a period till about six month postpartum. The doctor said that hair loss would lesse once I had two or three regular periods. He was correct after my third or fourth period the hair loss was less until it was "normal" again. The loss before that was a lot. Hence, I went to see the doctor, as I thought something was wrong. He said in some women that just happens. Don't worry you will be back to normal just give it a few months.



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