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suz - October 25

I didn't say that smoking was good for mothers. You didn't even take in what I wrote. I said it wasn't healthy for people to be childish and bash others (like you did me when you wrote "pile of bollucks" back to me. I posted these new threads because my computer is having problems just posting an answer. This is my last response but I think that when my doctor told my friend Robyn that quitting cold turkey would be bad and she should cut down that that was the advice she should listen to. Not to people who were bashing her on this site, telling her she was being horrible to her baby. And YES, opinions are great when they are constructive not when they pass along negative banter to make an already stressful situation more stressful. THAT is why I said the things I said and I think that I was merely being supportive of the women who get treated badly when talking on these forums about not being able to totally quit all at once and reading so many women's responses that were seething with put-downs and malicious rantings. I shall re-iterate. I feel that the healthiest thing a woman can do besides doing everything she can physically is to stay positive emotionally. PERIOD. Maybe everyone should focus in on that instead of being mean to me or others on this site, purely because you don't agree. I'm pregnant too and I want to support woman psychologically, not tear them down.


EM - October 25

I've also heard that it's recomended to quit one cig. at a time from doctors.


fix it - October 25

do you internet explorer?? I ask bc I used to try to post with aol and it said that the "thank you" page was not found-but if you use the explorer you can, thats what I use anyways-not reaaly about the topic though...


I don't get it - October 25

I used this name b/c I used it on your last thread. I think I must have missed an earlier thread about this topic because I didn't see anyone being mean or bashing. All I saw was your last 2 posts with one one response each, and without seeing what you were initially posting about (the whole smoking topic), it seemed to me that you were saying smoking is not dangerous while you're pregant. The way this forum is designed, it's too difficult to read more than one thread and know which ones go together, so I apologize if my last post seemed harsh. I do, however, think that based only on what I have read, you are being too defensive and it kind of comes across as rude. That may be sparking other rude comments if that's what you're getting now. We all have the pregnancy hormones going on, and it's too hard to convey tones when typing. I didn't see anyone say anyone else was being horrible to their baby and I didn't write "pile of bollucks" (not sure what that means), but a post like this is going to spark unneccessary comments much like my own. :) It's just human nature to get defensive when something is written in such a negative tone. I only wish good things for all expectant mothers, and if you are one of the women trying to cut down on cigarettes, best of luck to you and your health.


ya know.... - October 25

hey, if ya want to treat your fetus the same as an ashtray-that is your choice-who are we to judge-nobody, so if you think that smoking is ok, even one or two, then keep it to yourself because that is a topic that is quit sensitive-or don't be so sensitive-.....maybe...


to suz - October 25

I read your last post and I did not think you were trying to imply that it was ok to do things that are not good for your baby and I agree that sometimes we get wrapped up in what not to do and we get our selves worried sick and that is not good I think what your meaning is that we are mothers and when pregnant we should try our hardest to do what is good for us and baby but we don't always do that cause we are only human and I am a smoker and I cut down majorly I still smoke but not much at all and my baby is doing just fine...but sometimes the ladies on here are mean...I posted on something about opting for a c-section that I did not think it was a good idea just cause you don't want to feel the pain of natural labor and having a c-section should only be done when medically nessesary and oh my God I got remed a good one for that well my coment about if you get a c-section just to make it easier then you are a selfish b___h which I should not have said that was not nice of me guess I was in a bad mood or something but oh well I just leave it alone when someone is nasty on here anyways have a nice day


can we.... - October 25

jsut let this fall off the board...........



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