Postpartum Depression Survey

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Maddie - May 6

Hey everyone, I've been hearing a lot about postpartum depression since Brooke Sheilds talked on Oprah. I'm a first time mom, expecting in June (boy) and I'm wondering how common this condition is. I can't help but think there is a common denominator in postpartum depression cases. B--tfeeding? Epidural vs. Natural? C-Section vs. Vaginal? Could these all be factors in the severity of the condition? I want to hear any real life stories of what went on during these weeks or months that this was experienced. Please don't feel bad to be completely honest about the thoughts you had. I really would love to know more so I might be able to recognize/prevent this condition when I have my baby. Thanks Ladies =)


Maleficent - May 6

i had it bad after my second baby. i don't think that you're going to find any similarities between depression and things like b___stfeeding and epidurals. it's a chemical thing, outside influances can have an impact, but it all boils down to how your brain processes those hormones. awareness and recognition are your best tools, it cant be prevented. i cant pin down when my depression started but i remember when i knew it was out of control. my husband and friends had been trying to tell me something was "off" with me for a long time. i didn't believe them and i would get defencive and angry and then i would withdrawl from them. my advice is to listen to the people around who love you and care about you. (not your smarmy childless friends or your freakshow MIL; the people who you have always trusted and gone to with problems in the past.) when you're half crazy you're usually the last to know.


Misty - May 6

I had sadness after my first son was born. I don't know if I would say it was severe enough to call PPD though. My fiance worked nights and after the baby was born I needed to have someone there for me. But my parents had just moved north and we were living on our own and every time it got dark Mike would leave and I was all alone with this new baby. Every time it started to get dark I would get upset and feel like crying, I a__sociated darkness with lonliness. I still to this day hate the dark now. It no longer makes me sad like it did, but I hate it. Except for when I am sleeping I always make it as bright as I can. Never go around with the lights off. Don't really know if that would const_tute as PPD, I don't think so, but it did come after my son was born. I also don't think there is a comman denominator to it. But, I b___stfed, had and epidural, was induced and in the end had an emergency c-section.


tiffani~edd 110/07/05 - May 6

I think the most important thing for any new mom, especially a first time mom, is to be surrounded by family and friends. Family and friends will be able to tell if something is just not right with you. Also, after daddy goes back to work and you're all alone with a newborn, the emotions begin to get a bit overwhelming. I always felt very alone/depressed when I was at home by myself with my daughter. I was great when someone was with me. Take all the help you can get, and don't be afraid to reach out if you need to. I'm fortunate to have never experienced PPD, especially to the extreme that Brooke Shield did, how horrifying! For the record, I had an induced labor, epidural, and emergency C section. With my second pregnancy, wich resulted in a beautiful little boy, I had a scheduled C section. When Nicholas was born, he had to spend 16 days in the NICU. He was 8 days old before I even got to hold him for the first time. This took a huge toll on my emotions. Imagine giving birth and not being able to hold your baby until 8 days later. He was rushed to the Childrens Hospital ( an hour away) about 8 hours after I had him. I had a C section and was confined to a bed and didn't even see him until he was 3 days old, except for the brief moment you get n the operating room. Anyways, with this delivery, I was very depressed, but I think it was more because of the circ_mstances, then PPD. I had some difficulty bonding with him until he was over a month old. Maternally, I knew what he wanted and needed, and I did provide that, but the emotional connection wasn't there. I tell you what, whether it's PPD or just some emotional imbalance, friends and family are key. Research the warning signs of PPD and make your loved ones awre of them. I hope you have a wonderful experience with your baby, and please don't let the experiences we share be the rule, as we are more likely the exception. Good luck! :o)


... - May 6

After my first child was born I remember sitting on the couch by my fiance looking at our baby's big brown eyes and I thought to myself...he looks almost evil! After I thought that I cried and felt horrible for thinking it...I never looked at him and thought that again, but it did freak me out


Jessie - May 6

This is my fist pregnancy, I saw the Brook shields interview on Oprah, I was so scared and disgusted I called my mother balling. I am so scared that I will hate my child, I am so scared that I don’t want it, I am just fearful that I will become that. Right now am so excited and I feel so much love of this baby that I have yet to meet, but what if PPD kicks in???? OMG you have no idea how much this is tearing me up and how fearful I am.


Misty - May 6

What was the thing with Brooke Shields. I don't get Oprah in where I live. I am curious. It wasn't anything so bad that she took it out on her baby was it?


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 6

Misty~ You don't get Oprah where you live??? Where do you live??? Man, I love her show, it's always so enlightening. Basically, Brooke Shields had a bonding/resentment issue. She was having strong suicidal thoughts, but never did anything to hurt the baby. She even told a story about how she was driving with the baby in her car, and how bad she wanted to just crash her car into a wall, to kill herself. Fortunately she had the mind set to know that if she did that, the baby would be hurt as well. I didn't actually see the show, but my mom was telling me about it yesterday. There is an article/interview in Good Housekeeping about her story. I have yet to read mine, as I seem to spend my free time on this addiciting site. :o)


Maddie - May 6

Wow! It's so interesting to hear all of your stories. I have to ask though, did anyone who went through labor WITHOUT an epidural get PPD? Thanks you guys, luckily I AM surrounded by mom lives really close and my hubby's mom is like a second mom to me, she lives 5 min. away. But, I'm still a little bit scared of PPD, I know I'll love my baby to death though. Anyway...researching to see if anyone who DID NOT have an epidural has stories of PPD?


Sonya - May 6

Yes I had this after my son was born not to the degree of Brooke Sheilds by any means, but still it was tough. I had an epidural (thank God) and I ended up having a C-Section after 26 long hours of labor and then I was not able to b___stfeed. These things still bother me but I don't know if that contributed to the depression. I not sick to my stomache every time I looked at my son and although I knew I supposed to feel all these wonderful emotions I just didn't. I faked it until it happended. I also got very upsest when other people held my son. My bad time of day was in the evening. I would cry every night during dinner and I didn't know why. My poor husband would just look at me with this sad look on his face. Thank god mine didn't last long and it wasn't that severe. I think ppd is one of the most interesting and misunderstood problems. I am hoping for a better experience this time. I am going to talk to my dr. in the third trimester and ask for some medications to take upon delivery. I normally take Paxil for anxiety and depression but have been off during the pregnancy so I feel like it will be vital for me to go back on the meds once my baby is born. We'll see.


Julie - May 6

PPD can be very severe and Brook Sheilds had it bad. I had if after my son too and was afraid to talk about it. I didn't get help for months and when I did I finally felt so much better (zoloft). I don't know how or why you get it but it can be hard to recognize because after a while you just feel numb.


TX Girrrl - May 6

If you even think you MIGHT be experiencing some PPD, get some help. Try to remember that you're not alone, no matter how lonesome you feel. I had some of it after my second baby. The best thing I did was see my doctor, rely on my family and friends, and start exercising.


L - May 6

I was weepy after the birth of my 1st child (lasted 2 months) and I even called my doctor with my concerns. She wanted to put me on Celexa (safe for b___stfeeding), which I declined b/c I was just too nervous and with the b___stfeeding/drug mix and thought I could beat it with exercise and a positive att_tude. Eventually, like Julie mentioned, I just kinda went numb and also had no energy or drive and finally decided to try Zoloft (also safe for b___stfeeding) which worked wonders. I went off after 8 months and felt perfectly fine and normal. As far as the survey questions: I had an epidural, went v____al and b___stfed. I don't believe they played a factor in my PPD.


L - May 6

I also just wanted to add that PPD can be hard to identify (for me anyway). I was still a happy person, LOVED MY BABY!, and was social. My symptoms were: feeling out of sorts, confusion, anxiety, forgetfulness, fatigue, low energy, headaches. I thought I was just tired from being a new mom. I didn't get treatment until 1.5 years after the birth of my baby b/c I thought these symptoms were nomal. Hope this info can help anyone.


leslie - May 6

L, I was reading right now that if you get this symptoms when pregnant you may also have depression except some people dont realize this becasue they confuse it with normal pregnancy changes. Do you know anything about this?? I want to tell my doctor but I am embarrased..and he may think I am being over exaggerated..


L - May 7

Hi Leslie. I know with my pregnancy right now and all the hormones going through me, my moods seem to day I am feeling great and happy and others days I may feel a little depressed. It is normal. I think this would be worth mentioning to your doctor though. Please don't feel embarra__sed. Depression is not uncommon and it affects so many. Believe me, you will get immediate relief just talking about it with him and he will be able to give you advice and rea__surance. My thoughts are with you.


beth - May 8

I experience PPD after the birth of my son. Nothing as extreme as what Brook Shields was describing but i think that was why it was sooo hard for me or anyone around me to know that something was wrong. I felt so completely overwhelmed and felt like I had lost my life in this being a mother thing. I knew I loved my child but I felt that I couldn't care for him properly, and that someone else needed to take over. Also, My fear of something happening to him while I slept just put me over the edge. I literally lost the ability to function after a while because i refused to sleep at night. Thank god my mother would come over early in the a.m. and take him so I could catch up on a few hours. When she would leave at supper time i would just start bawling. It was awful!! Gradually, my sanity returned to me and i got in the swing of things. My husband and I think about having a second and i'm so scared to go through all that again. This time i will talk to my Dr. about it before hand. That way she can have a heads up if I decide i need meds or something. Looking back, O know i should have consulted w/ my Dr. the last time. But I guess I just thought these were normal feelings to have and i had to work through it. Not so. Ladies, if you are feeling the slightest bit off - TALK TO YOUR DR. Don't go through it alone. Hopefully, it will be something that you don't have to worry about but if you do their is help out there. Don't be afraid to ask for it. Good luck!



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