Potty Training Girls

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M.A. - October 21

I realize that this is a preg. forum. But I've also noticed that some have other kids too. So I thought maybe you could tell me what helped for your little ones. My one year old screams, kicks, and throws herself when put on the diaper changer, and the whole time being changed,(even when given a toy) as if she's being put in the electric chair. No medical problems involved. I don't know why she does it. But when asked if she needs a diaper change, she runs to her room and waits patiently to have someone go with her to change her diaper. Are these good signs of starting to potty train? And what age worked best for your little girls? I hear girls are different than boys. Thanks!


MM - October 21

i would say yes. Maybe she just does not like the changing table. I started potty training my daughter when she was about 14 months old. She was off of her bottle by 13 months and then we started the potty training. Do 1 major thing at a time. When you have to go to the bathroom take her with you and have her sit on her potty chair. I even went as far as showing my daughter what I had did in the toilet so she would grasp the concept. Read books while you are in there to. Sometimes it takes a while. My daughter loved the book called "everyone Poops". She still loves it and she is 4.But dont push the training on her. If she kinda pulls away from it then she is not ready. Some kids are ready at a year and some are not ready until 2.


chelsey - October 21

My daughter wouldn't even consider going on the potty until she was almost 2. After endless temper tantrums, and running away from me, one day, I didn't put her diaper on her. She peed in her pants and hated the feeling! So I put her on the potty, and told her to stay on it until she peed. In the meantime, I read her books, we sang songs etc. Then she finally went about an hour later, and when she did I made such a big ordeal about it! We blew up balloons, had ice cream, cheered and hoorayed! She was so proud of herself! From that moment on, she has only gone on the potty! Good luck, potty training can be harder on the parents then on the kids sometimes! Instead of a diaper, you could try pull ups or something, also.


Sonya - October 21

Oh Chelsey I am so jealous. My son will be 3 1/2 in December and is no where near potty trained. We have done it all. He will hold poop in for hours while sitting on the potty (getting songs and stories read to him) and then as soon as he gets off he poops! We have done potty reward charts, rewarding with m&m's, tootsie rolls, toys, trips to toys r us, trips to baskin robins-you name it. He just doesn't care. We are at our wits end. Now we have a newborn and the cost of diapers, formula and pullups is kiling us. HELP!!!!!!


chelsey - October 21

Sonya - I have a 3 month old boy, I am not looking forward to potty training him! All I can suggest, is sitting him on the potty, in the bathroom, and make sure he doesn't get off the potty until he goes! Let him sit in there by himself, he might concentrate better. Make sure you dont give him any treats or anything UNTIL he uses the potty. If he has a temper tantrum on the potty, dont give in. If he is by himself, he wont scream for long, if there is no one to acknowledge it. Sometimes pooing is scary for them, when they do it on the potty. I dont know why, but my daughter was also frightened about it too. Maybe its the feeling of learning how to control their bowels. When your son doesn't go on the potty, and does as soon as yo take it off, can you tell when he is "working" on one? If so, run him straight to the potty, and sit him on it. Potty training shouldn't be scary, but you do have to be firm sometimes. Its the only was he will know you are serious! Good luck though, I'd say it was time for him to be trained.


Steph to Sonya - October 21

My sister potty trained her sons by, (this is pretty funny), putting a few Cheerios and telling them that it was their job to "sink" them. The kids thought it was great and it got them used to going, and wanting to go...just an idea.


tiffani~11 days to go!! - October 21

M.A.~ Potty training is such a pain in the a**! My daughter turned 3 in May, and wasn't potty trained until July. We began potty training her in January, when she was 2 1/2. For my daugher, there wasn't one specific thing that worked, but i'll fill you in on all of our "tricks" and you can do what works for your little girl. First things first, buy her a little potty of her own that sits on the floor. EVERY time you go potty, take her with you, take off her diaper, and sit her on the potty. As you're going, and she can hear it happening, clap and cheer with as much excitement as you can. Say "yeah, mommy went potty like a big girl and now mommy gets a lollipop." Get a lollipop and eat it in front of her. (of course you can subst_tute what ever treat she prefers) If she asks to share it with you, tell her she has to go potty on the "big girl potty" first. Books.... we had them, but I didn't feel like they helped my daughter grasp the concept. Another thing I did, I gave her all the juice and chocolate milk she wanted and then put her on the potty and sat with her until she HAD to go. I admit, there were times we sat in the bathroom for almost an hour, but eventually, she would always go. Whenever they do go, you have got to make it the biggest deal on the face of the earth. There is no celebration too big for the occasion. We also had a doll that pee's. We would give the doll a bottle and then hold her over the potty so my daughter could actually see what was happening when she went potty. The biggest thing I learned was that being consistant was key. Potty training will wear you out, but you have to dedicate yourself to doing it. Good luck! :o)


To sonya - October 22

My neighbor's som was the same way, would not poop in the potty for anything. He would hold it and then get constipated. So finally, mom talked to the doctor about a safe laxative that she could give him, it was some all natural thing like prune juice or something so that he couldn't hold it. Then he had to go & grabbed a daiper for his mom to put on, she said Nope & put him on the toilet to poop and finally he did. Now he has no problem going in the toilet.


Sonya - October 22

I appreciate everybody's advice but I really have tried all of it (other than the laxative thing). He will pee in the potty (when he wants to) but will not sit on the potty to poop (very rarely). I have always been under the impression that you should not force your child to sit on the potty so we try to go with his cues. My son is a very stubborn, controlling hard to handle child and he doesn't just go with the flow. I think I am gonna talk to his Dr. and see what he suggests. Thanks again.


Meghann - October 22

i heard a good way to potty train is to have blue water in your toliet. tell them if they pee in it they will magically change the color to green. It works more with boys but i think it could work with a girl.


Jbear - October 23

Sonia, I had the same trouble with my three year old girl. Three year olds are old enough for reverse psychology, though. I told her one day, "I don't care if you ever use the potty. You can wear diapers like your baby sister until you're a grown-up, for all I care." And for about a week she didn't use the potty and I didn't mention it. After that she started using the potty. Pooping was a problem for a while, though. I started feeding her corn every day...you know how it looks the same when it comes out...and telling her she had to let it out in the potty to make room for new food. It worked. We still use pull-ups at night, though. It's strange, the pull-ups stay dry but if I let her sleep in panties she wets every time. Good luck with yours. It will happen eventually. I thought I would end up buying Depends for my daughter, she was that stubborn about it.


Julie - October 23

Just a quick thought, Sonya. With my son, I had tried everything also. He was almost three, I had just had another baby, and REALLY wanted him out of diapers. Everyone tells you to reward them with toys...yada yada. Well, I went one step further. Some people might not like this, but it worked SO fast. I went ahead and bought something that I new he would go nuts for (our kids don't get gifts everyday, usually just b-day and christmas). In his case, he loved Thomas the train. So, I bought a train table, all the main character trains, and loads of fun track. I set the table up in his room with nothing on it. I showed him the rest of the stuff, but wouldn't even let him touch it. It drove him crazy. So, when he started to pee in the potty, I got out a little track to make something basic, and he got to pick ONE train. He was SO stoked. Then, he thought that was good enough, I guess, and didn't do it again that day. So, the first time he messed up (although I never told him it was bad to have an accident, just that he couldn't have his trains unless he was a big boy and using the potty), I took away the train, and he had a lonley train track on his table. He started peeing great, but not pooping. Everytime he used the potty, he got another train. But I told him which ones were for pee, and which ones were for poop. Silly I know, but it worked. AND everytime he pooped in his pull-up, I took ALL the trains away, and just left him one. So FINALLY one day he pooped in the potty (well maybe after a week). We of course made it a HUGE deal, and the first thing he said was, CAN I HAVE GORDON NOW? I said yes and gave him that one and all the pee ones back. When he messed up the next day, I took them all back again. HE HATED THAT! Sometimes I would play with them up on my bed and he would watch, and beg to play with them. I told him as soon as he used the potty like a big boy he could play with them. I could play with them because I used the potty. Anyways, after a couple of episodes like that, he had it down pat, because those trains meant (and still do at 4) the world to him. He LOVES them. I think if there is something like that that the child loves, then that would sway them better than a "promise" to the toy store, or something else. They have to REALLY want it. And it really helped being able to take it away, let him see it but not play with it, and make him earn it, over and over again.


tiffani~8 days to go!! - October 24

Julie~ I am definitely going to try that when it comes time to potty train my son. What a great idea! :o)


amy p - October 26

sonya i am with you my first son was 3 yr and 4 months when he finally trained..they have a mind of their own i tell ya...well my second son is 21/2 and he just trained..what i did was get him b___t naked and put the potty in front of the TV and turned on his favorite cartoons (of course the potty chair had been in our house for a while and i introduced it and we would sit on it clothed). anyhow i gave him so much to drink that he probably wanted to explode..then when i seen him start to tinkle on the floor i would rush him over to the potty...worked well by the end of that day he had it!!!!!! i also found it helpful a week or so before you plan on training to get movies from the library and books about the potty then it makes it easier when you finally do it.....we are not at the point after 6 days no diapers to bed!!!! good luck!



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