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~E~ - August 24

I am 37 weeks pregnant now and have been getting some strong paingul contractions since about 36 weeks.... EVERY NIGHT! I went to the doctor's during the day (when I don't feel any contractions)...and they hooked me up to one of the contraction monitors...and I was having them (just didn't feel them). During the night, I have some really painful I said, I have had them every night for the last week and half. I know braxton hicks are perfectly normal. However, it seems like the women that I know who have been pregnant....just had the type that they couldn't really feel. So...I'm getting frustrated to know that I still have close to three weeks of experiencing these painful practice contractions every night. If other women who have had experienced these painful BHs could share their stories, it would be nice to hear. Does this mean that labor would be extra painful compared to the women who don't experience the painful practice contractions? OR does this mean labor will be a bit easier since my uterus is doing lots of preparation...LOL? Just give me something... I'm tired of hearing that other women are not or did not experience this. These contractions are making this last month LONG for me!!!!!


~E~ - August 24

Also, does anyone know what percentage of women experience the painful ones? Am I really in the minority here or did the women that I know just have good luck?!


~E~ - August 24

Am I alone here? I know there is a lot going on w/ the site problems but I hope there are still helpful individuals around.


bump - August 24



S - August 24

~E~, if your contractions are painful, it sounds more like labor to me. I am also 37 weeks and have been having BH for a couple of weeks....mine are not painful.....they just make my stomach real hard for a minute or two and then they go away. I think you are in early labor.....last time you went to doc how many centimeters were you and were you effaced at all?


~E~ - August 24

I don't think I am in labor... The contractions I feel are irregular. My understanding is that labor contractions get closer and stronger as time progresses... mine don't have that type of pattern as I don't feel them at all during the day... PLUS, it's been happening for more than a week and that would be a long time to be in labor...hehe. When I went to the doc last week and they hooked me to the contractions monitor, they would have known if I was in labor I would think. I went to the doc last week and I was not dialated at cervix was thinning...50%. When I get the painful ones at night...they occur for about 45 mins to 3 hours... and then no more pain. The baby moves a lot during the painful ones...he doesn't like them either.


S - August 24

Hmmmm.....must just be one of those pregnancy things. You know how they say that everyone is different. lol....I went to doc last week and they said I was almost 2 cm. dialated and 80% effaced!! I am 37 weeks too and I hope she comes sooooooon!!! Don't know how much more of this heartburn, sore feet, sore everything i can take!!! Either way you don't have much longer and you will be holding your beautiful baby!!!! That's the way I have to look at it!!! I'm TIRED OF BEING PREGNANT!!


~E~ - August 24

S, I envy you for being I have been coming home from the ob appts disappointed to know that I am not dialated... hopefully, this friday I will hear otherwise.


S - August 24

I go back friday also.....I will say this.....I HATE to work out (walk,jog,treadmill) but for the last week I have been walking my a__s off!!! Everynight (if it's not too hot) i will go and walk till my legs hurt. Usually about 30 min...(i know i'm a lightweight). Maybe this has something to do with the dialation. Your already 50% effaced, that's a start!!! You might not start to dialate until the day you go to the hospital!!


miranda - August 24

I have painful braxton hicks. Not fall on the floor screaming painful but they hurt like mild menstrual cramps, and my lower back seems to cramp up too. I don't know how many women have them, but you aren't alone, and they don't mean labor will be horrible, I didn't think labor was horrible last time and I had them then too. Hang in there and drink more water, that seems to help!


~E~ - August 24

Thank you for the responses. Mine are definitely not so bad that I want to scream or anything. They do make me moan at times...and I try to practice the breathing during them... they are more painful than my period related cramps...and different than cramps....I just keep running to the bathrom and sitting on the toilet for 20 minutes or so and that seems to alleviate some of the pressure...and I don't feel like talking to anyone when I have them... I have noticed that standing up and rocking from side to side helps on the days that other positions are not working. I will drink more water also Miranda. I do need to walk more S! Honestly, I would rather job than walk (pre-preg)...I don't get much out of walking...but I need to now. I just get tired easily now...but I willl include walking into my schedule for the next few weeks.


~E~ - August 25

S, I went for a 30-45 min walk last night w/ my husband... and it was a beautiful night too. Planning to make it part of my schedule. It was actually relaxing and I think I slept better too.


S - August 25

TOLD U!!!! just feel so much better it might help the little one. They say walking makes all the difference. I agree, last night was perfect walking here. I live in NC. It felt like Fall. If you keep it up, i bet you have baby soon!!!


Patty - August 25

Hi ~E~...I am on my third pregnancy and started BH (mild ones) at 18 weeks along. I am now 32 weeks and they are now just starting to hit harder after I leave from work and head home! My energy that I had in the beginning of the month is dwindling fast now that I am in my 7th month. The last three nights my BH were intense, stomach all tight and hard, difficult to move around etc. I know exactly what you are going through. I was even getting nervous some, but I knew it was not the real thing. Unfortunately, walking does NOT help me, I have to lay down a bit. Mine have been gone by the next morning, in the mean time they can be a nuisance! Since you are 37 weeks, you could start labor really anytime. Especially if the baby has made his/her descent. Just wanted you to know I am going through the same thing, but I am 5 weeks behind you, but have up till 10/20 to go!!! Yikes!! Good luck... :)


Erin - August 25

I was having unpainful contractions regularly every three-five minutes from 24 weeks on!! Every time I went in and got hooked up, they were there. I ended up getting so many shots of Terbutaline and IV bags of saline (and 24 hours of mag drip) that I felt like a pin cushion! But, even on the Terbutaline (which was given to keep my contractions from getting strong enough to do anything), I felt pretty hard ones at night. Sometimes I'd be doubled over (as doubled as I could get anyway) and sometimes I'd just cry out. Basically, my OB told me not to worry about calling until they were that severe but 3-5 minutes apart. Hope that helps! Good luck!!!


Maleficent - August 25

i'm 38 weeks and my contractions have been KICKING MY ASS these last few days. you are not alone. i've had mild BH since 24 weeks. they have gotten stronger, but are sill inconsistant.



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