Prayers Needed

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Karen - May 13

A lady I know just had a beautiful baby girl ,she was tested and came out positive for HIV. I asking that you please pray for her and her family through this most difficult time in their lives. Thank you. !!!!!!!!


Maddie - May 13

I have prayed for them. That is one of my worst fears!! I got tested before pregnancy and came out negative. Did they not test her before pregnancy?


R - May 13

I too have prayed for them...I am so sorry to hear this. At least they are lucky to have a friend like you who is supportive and believes in prayer! God bless


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 13

Prayers given! Hopefully with the help of modern medicine, the baby will grow up to live a happy/long life.


nhb - May 13

I prayed also. Did the mother have HIV then? Best of luck to everyone involved.


Sarah - May 13

I said a prayer for the baby girl and her family. God Bless!


April - May 13

Lets pray that it was a false positive too... they do have those with HIV tests...


Maddie - May 14

So, Karen...did she know she had HIV throughout her whole pregnancy?


minx - May 14

Just prayed for her, her family and everyone else who may have difficulties with their pregnancies.


Karen - May 17

Thank you guys for all your prayers. To Maddie from the information I got the mother was not tested before. Appartanly she did not visit the doc during her pregnancy most likly financial reasons. The father is not in the picture anymore. It was not until after the baby was born that the test were administerd. The mother uses drugs, and has had a lot of different s_xual partners. Please I am not judging her or anything cause I know her personally and she is a nice person and I never judge a person for choices they make, just stating facts. Also I do not think she was aware she was HIV postive, if the tests are correct As April said there are false postives. I will keep you posted. Thank you again for your support, prayer and love.


nina - May 17

I said a prayer for them as well. Keep faith, God can heal anything


NINI - May 19



Kaz - May 19

Sending my prayers too. That's terrible news. All our worries suddenly are insignificant. Take care


amanda - June 13

I will prayer for your friend that god bless her and her baby.


sm - June 13

I will pray for your friend and her baby..thtas a womens worst fear. I'm so sorry to haer about this..all 3 of you will be in my prayers


Wow - June 13

Gosh that is so sad. They will defintely be in my prayers. It's just so upseting that this poor baby was born into this with no choice.


Stacey - July 4

I pray that the Lord helps her through this difficult time in her life, and I pray for her and her baby that she will get better through modern medicine, and that the baby is negitive for HIV.



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