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Whitney - May 16

I'm 32 weeks & the doctor just put me on bed rest due tio high blood pressure/mild pre eclampsia, which totally shocked me as I have been taking very good care of myself through the whole pregancy. I was in such shock Ieft without even asking him what are the risks of having high blood pressure to myself & my baby... & how badly can it harm my baby if my blood pressure rises. Has anyone experienced this & have any advise, also any idea's on how to survive bedrest?


Vicky - May 17

Hi Whitney,I am so sorry to hear you have pre eclampsia, PLEASE take it seriously, I had pre eclampsia, eclampsia and post eclampsia with my son, I too took good care of myself and up untill week 34 had a really easy pregnancy [not even back ache], I then went to my midwife app was told my protien levels were high as was blood pressure and i had odema[ swelling], went to hospital for a check up, was sent home only to have an eclamptic fit 4 hours later and to be rushed in for an emergency c-section. My son was born weighing 4lb 1/2 oz, luckily he was healthy just small. I on the other hand continued to fit again 2 days after delivery and 5 days after, I had to have brain scans and was in intensive care for 10 days. I didnt get to see my little angel till he was 12 days old. I also have no memory of the time between the first fit and 11 days post birth. I am fine now and my son is a happy healthy cheeky 4 year old, but i was told i was lucky yo survive my dh was told to be prepared for me not to make it. I dont want to scare you but it is a condition to be taken VERY seriously PLEASE get the bed rest as a lot of women are fine as long as they rest. [ mine was an extreme case and not all are like it.] Good luck with the baby and enjoy your little bundle when it arrives. Take care of yourself, your little one needs mummy safe and sound. x x


KEEKEE - May 17

Hi Whitney!!! I had pre eclampsia, eclampsia , and HELPP with both of my pregnancies. I wish I can say its not that bad, but I can't. With my first pregnancy, I had it but wasn't dianoised. I was rush for a c-section and my son lost oxygen. He is now 9 years old and beautiful....With my second pregnancy, I put on 50 pounds in one month.I was put on bed rest since 4 months pregnant. At 31 weeks, protein in my urine. 2 days later high blood pressure and was checked in the hostipal.While in the hospital, I put on more water weight. Extra 40 pounds. At 32 weeks, had a C-section b/c of my health. At 32 weeks my son was 5 pounds and didn't need oxygen. I stayed in the hostipal for 3 weeks and my baby came home a week later. He is perfect!!! Just like any other 1 year old.My health is so so. I have problems with my kidneys.................BEDREST!! I know is hard. My DH both me a laptop computer. So I played on the computer and kept my feet up. Try to stick with bedrest. Its very importent. The only advise I can give you is to relax and not to worry. Stay away from negative people. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Don't worry about housework. Just take care of yourself...........Preeclampsia is very Serious!!! Listen to your doctor. Make sure you count your baby's movement. Drink something sweet and lay on your side to make sure the baby moving. Any changes, call your doctor or go to the hospital. No manner what time of day it is. Listen to yourself. You are the one who know your body............I will be praying for you and your baby..............Good luck.......There is a



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