Pre Ejaculate

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Dolly - January 20

Hi, I am just curious about pre-ejaculate. Any info would be great. I know that it contains some sperm, but how likely is a pregnancy to result from pre-ejaculate?? I know using the 'pull-out' method is not the most effective form of birth control, but how easy is it to get pregnant in this situation? Thanks in advance.


notquitesure - January 20

Effectiveness depends on the male's ability to withdraw before ejaculation. Because this method requires great self-control and experience, this is not a recommended birth control method for teens. Pre-ejaculate can contain enough sperm to cause pregnancy. Also, if s____n or pre-ejaculate spill on the vulva, pregnancy is possible. But let me tell you this, my friend did not even get to the actual s_x act when she was exposed to pre ejaculate and she became pregnant and recently had a beautiful is entirely possible, this is not a method i would put any trust in


Lexa - January 20

Hi, the chances of getting pregnant from the pull-out method, if applied correctly are 4%. However, from all couples who use this method, 12 - 38 % do fall pregnant each year. Usually because the guy doesn't pull out quickly enough. There's a lot of debate on whether pre-ejaculate does or does not contain sperm. Fact is, that if you do it twice in a short time and the guy has not urinated in between, there can still be live sperm in the urethra which could get you pregnant as it comes out with pre-c_m. Urinating lessens the chances, the acid will kill sperm. So all in all: The chances of pregnancy if applied correctly are very small, but still there. Good luck.


vaness - January 31

i have a question i had s_x with my boyfriend and we did it twice but the first time he pulled out he was still dirty and we did it again can i get pregnant that way?


bvue - January 31

If you are concern about getting pregnant, use protection. It only takes one sperm to get you pregnant. Sometimes these questions get iritating. Bottom line, having s_x can get you pregnant. End


moescrilla - January 31

Lets all remember too that condoms just arent for preventing pregnancy, but also for protection against stds.... people sometimes forget that and think " well, I wont get pregnant if I get on the pill or if he pulls out...etc" but what about if your partner has an std? You should always wear protection...If you dont want to get pregnant or an std......BE RESPONSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!


Tracy88 - January 31

Dolly, it is very easy to get PG from pre-ejaculate. The pull-out method will just buy you time, but if that's the method you are using, pregnancy is pretty much going to occur at some point. Trust me, been there.


RYC09 - February 1

well, long story short, im around 5-6 weeks preggers...and we were using the "pull-out" method :] so yes, it is very likely, it's still sperm! it only takes one out of those thousands of them


Rekcus - February 1

My hubby and I used the pull out method for 6 years and no baby. He was quite good at it though. I think some men don't pre-ejaculate because I've never seen any out of him. Now we're just to get preggers.. **crossed fingers**..


pre-med - February 1

There is no way, you want proof i am not gunna tell you, i will let you read it!! This is a GOVERMENT WEBSITE, with tests done in lab.......i know the main point of this article is HIV but take the time to read it! The basic train of thought say there ARE NO SPERM IN PRECUM!!!!!!! Here is where to go: -go to google -type this in "Researchers find no sperm in pre-ejaculate fluid." -Click on the first page and read away May the God of grace grant you peace in your worries...........



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