Pre Pregnancy Body

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prego nc - May 3

Just curious if any of you who have already had at least one child.......people are telling me it will be next to impossible to get my pre-prego body back. I realize that my body will go through changes but with hard work, dedication and LOTS of exercise I should come close right????


Mary - May 3

If Demi Moore can do it, you can, too!


nicole - May 3

demi moore also has $100,000 to expend on her body, lol. i dont see why if u make an effort to get it back. altho i was always told there will always be a little poof in ur lower belly. but if u work at it then it should be really small and barely noticeable.


Maleficent - May 3

what a bunch of meanies! yes, you can have your body back. i've had two babies, one of them nursed for over a year and i was just 7lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight when we found out we were pregnant again. yeah, i've got streach marks, and i'm a little "softer" than before, but i'm by no means a walking freak show when i go to the beach. tell those jerks to mind their own business!


vfg - May 3

one of my friends recently had a baby and she looked the same in like 4 weeks


prego nc - May 3

I don't really care it's just that my bf is so vein I think about what he will think if my body is not perfect. We do alot of outdoor activities in the summer at the beach, etc. I could care less because in the end I will have a beautiful baby girl to show for it all and if he doesn't like it, he can hit the I will still have my baby girl!


April - May 3

Don't listen to other people... usually the people that say you can't get your body back are usually the ones that never tried. Although I can imagine it gets harder the older you get. But I know lots of people that have had kids and look like they haven't had any! Some of them even look BETTER after they've had kids... so I wouldn't worry, just as long as you continue to eat right and excersize after you have the baby.. you shouldn't have to worry. You just can't be lazy and expect the extra weight to just disappear (like some people do). Also... some say that it takes a full 9 months to get your body back, but I've known people who've done it in much much less. My mom, for instance, I saw a picture of when she took my sister home from the hospital.. and her stomach was completely FLAT (but she had a c-section, so the uteris must've shrunk faster, and all the extra stuff was taken out during the surgery). Anyway, yes.. it's possible to get your pre-pregnancy body back


Julie - May 3

Don't worry you will get it back. I am normally very thin and pet_te with my son I gained 50 lbs. and had a great shape pre-pregnancy. I was sooo worried I wouldn't get my shape back or fit into my clothes. For the first couple of months after birth I didn't looke that great but within 6 months I lost all the weight and was in better shape than I was before. I ate right (low fat diet lots of fruits, veggies, & water) and worked out a couple of days a week I did walking and pilates videos. I am no workout queen it wasn't that hard. Don't worry you will get your body back!


monica - May 3

after my first pregnancy I actually lost all the weight plus additional 30 pounds. My body had never looked so good as after that pregnancy. I hope it happens this time around. I dont think nothing is impossible. I you want it you can get it.


Christina - May 3

dont listen to them once you b___stfeed the weight will come off quickly I have tons of freinds who have had babies and gained 50-80 lbs and still look good. Just work out and eat right and you will be fine. Ive never seen someone not go back to the way they looked tell them to shut and mind their own business then get your body back to prove them wrong.



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