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HopefulK - December 3

I have done some research on prec_m and there are some schools of thought that say there is some sperm in it and other schools of thought that say there is not unless you've already c_m previously with no peeing in between. So, what are your views please? I'm not trying to get pregnant at the moment, I have a baby under 1. I'm curious because dh and I did the do and he precame. I am on the mini pill but haven't been exactly careful with it (leson learned) and I don't think I ov this month either, though thinking about it, it was around the time I would have if I did. I'm not overly concerned, just curious because I hadn't even considered prec_m as a problem but some schools of though say it might be. Do I have anything to worry about? Thanks. PS - I know I should know this stuff, hence the research, but on this one I'm stoopid


Grandpa Viv - December 4

The lubricating fluid that comes from the Cowper's gland contains no sperm. During intercourse a male can "hold back" ejaculation, some better than others. Each time he "almost" c_ms, more sperm are sneaking into the urethra. If this is what you are calling pre-c_m, yes it can get you pregnant. If he did the do and precame, meaning he unintentionally ejaculated inside you, of course pregnancy is possible. Good luck!


HopefulK - December 5

Thanks Granpa Viv. Dh says he does not think he came because he didn't have a spasm if you know wot I mean, but I did think he had a bit as at the time I thought I knew the minute and I've never noticed prec_m before, hence my ignorance, and in the last couple of days I got the familiar after things like a tiny bit of leaking and stuff, million times less than normal but it was kinda there if I'm honest with myself. Anywho, either way I don't think I could really be be pregnant as its such a blooming long shot, plus even though I've been a bit careless about my pill, my body absorbs that stuff like a sponge. Thanks again for your answer, you've confirmed what my research said. Keep fingers crossed that my period comes. Noticed a tiny bit of spotting today so I think she'll be on her way as normal. : 0 ) Gosh you know loads about this stuff hey.


Teddyfinch - December 5

um, actually, there is a girl from one of the other forums that got pregnant from the withdraw method and he never came. only had prec_m in her.


Teddyfinch - December 5

oh and good luck to you. whether you are hoping for a bfp or af ^-^



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