Preg Ex Girlfreind Left

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zaccnelisha - April 15

why would a women that is allegedly preg by you leave ? she and her husband where split up we got together in sep. she found out she was preg in mid dec. she always seemed uneasy or not as excited as a expectent mother should be . she has a son by her astranged husband already.and never realy seemed ready to let him go (her x ) any way do you think she left me and is now telling him that its his? also there could be another guy a 18 year old she may have been seeing but this came from a unreliable source. but the 18 yo did call her a few times and she seemed uneasy when he did like somethung may have been going on .i did find his number on top of the fridge. she said it was just some dorky kid she befreinded cause he had a lot of probs and he was just a freind than wide he call when he was drunk and in the evening? could this just be me being paranoid or is there something shes hiding p.s. she immediatley went back to her estrainged husband when we broke up on feb 25


jax - April 15

id say maybe she wanted him back allalong and is now telling him its his


jena - April 15

are you sure this baby is yours? i know you said that there is a random 18 y/o, but do you think she was sleeping with her husband the whole time? i don't know if i'd say she wanted to be with him the whole time she was with you (that'd be harsh and I don't really think that)... anyway, if you think it's your baby and you want it, i'd figure out what your rights are because i'm sure she's telling him it's his... GL!


zacc - April 19

we were together so much i have no idea it should be mine if the law of average counts for anything.duiring the time she got preg we was doing it every day sometimes 2or3 times also she has been coming into my work acting like shes shopping but right by where she knows ill be working. do you think shes trying to be mean or does she still have feelings 4 me please somebody answer this question.



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