Preg On Period Please Respond

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c - October 17

I had s_x with a girl on sept. 17th so a month ago today. It was the 2nd day of her period. So he started on the 16th. I used a condom with spermicide lubricant. She hasnt started yet so is there a chance shes pregnant?


Ana - October 17

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me, to [email protected]


Viv - October 17

If she has no early pregnancy symptoms by now, she just needs to be patient and avoid s_x, since there is no telling when she might ovulate. It is possible to get pregnant from unprotected s_x during the period, if the woman happens to ovulate early (which sometimes happens).


name - October 17

Viv, READ the post. he said he used a condom. the s_x was protected. I know this still makes it possible, but way less likely.A number of diff. things can cause a woman to miss her period..Especially if she doesn't have a regular cycle in the 1st place.


c - October 18

yea i was protected I did ejaculate inside with a condom on.


Viv - October 18

Name, you and E are coming across kinda angry, which is your right. I think it would be helpful if we all addressed our answers to the poster, not each other (sorry for this exception). If you in turn read my answer, you will see that I said it is possible to get pregnant from unprotected s_x. I know that it is gratuitous information in this instance, but more people read these posts than just you, me, E, and the poster. Every little dribble of information might help someone.


c - October 18

Ok sorry viv but if you would would u please read my original post and tell me if i should be worried for having protected s_x with a girl on the 2nd day of her period. I am getting very stressed out over it and wondering. Thanks,


E - October 18

Viv - Sorry but I have to respond to you about this.. I am/was not angry and I am sure you are a sweetheart with the best intentions. I respect the fact that you donate your time to helping others in their time of need and they clearly trust you and like you. I apologize if my post came across as angry. Most of the advice you give is informative but once in a while, I think you jump the gun on diagnosing pregnancy. My correction in the other post was my way of addressing the poster but also I was addressing you. I do not think there is anything wrong with correcting someone when they are clearly incorrect. You are a male and do not and cannot know all of the things the female body goes through. I am unsure as to why you think you can tell women you feel they are pregnant. It just does not seem right.


E - October 18

Also, I do not use alternate names to correct you. I hope you do not think I was "name". I will always use "E", capitalized.


ok - October 18

ok viv. All i want to no is how good of a chance can pregancy occur in my situation. I used a condom and did it on the 2nd day of her period. the condom also had a spermicidical lubricant. Im asking you..should i be this stressed out over it or not.


ana - October 24

you can know if you are or aren't pregnant right now... Ask me to [email protected]


K - October 24

For the original poster. I know I'm not Viv. but My opinion is that it is very unlikely. because it was during her period where she is less likely to have been ovualting and because it was protected.There is a very VERY slim to none chance.There could be various reasons for a delayed prd.


K - October 24

Viv, I did not intend to come across as angry. I just didn't think your advice there was very acurate and for the benefit of the person asking the question, wanted to write my opinion as well. I think we should adress each other because it's important to discuss the topic.And don't get me wrong, I do think you give great advice.



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