Preg W O Intercourse

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J - September 15

while this may sound a bit odd, i would like to ask the following question with the hopes that someone out there can answer it. as a new college student, my boyfriend and i have not had s_xual intercourse. the last time he visited, he wore a condom as our pelvises touched but he never entered me. since then (over 3 weeks!) i havent had my period! does this mean that i could have gotten pregnant merely from some of his ejaculate coming in contact with the outermost part of my va___a? anyone with info, please share!


Not this again - September 15

If you are in college, then you got some brains, please go buy a pregnancy test, and i a__sume you know how people get knocked up so be careful in the future.


babyonboard - September 15's worrying how many clueless teens/college students have just the same question...


Teacher - September 15

This is exactly what I was talking about with my "S_x Education" Thread. Give me a break! Do you know how far sperm has to travel to get to your egg? I guess it would have to slip out of the condom, on to your leg and up your v____a all the way to your egg. This seems like a pretty impossible task.


to J - September 15

If he wore a condom and it didn't break, don't worry. If he didn't wear a condom & ejaculated on your v____a, it is possible. It could be stress causing your period to be late. Buy a test to ease your mind. Go to the dr and start on the pill, sounds like you're very near intercourse and you should be prepared. Ignore these other cranky, hormonal wenches, they were young once and now they are just judgmental old hags.


Not this again - September 15

Nope, not a cranky old hag....was in college not to long ago, i know what it takes to get pregnant, and i wasn't judging anyone, i told her to go buy a test just like you did. If she's scared to do that then go to a planned parenthood or clinic where they will test you for free and it's completey confidential.


K - September 15

Well, technically, if he ejacualted on any part of your v____a, yes the sprem are incredible swimmer. But he was wearing a condom so no. Can I ask why a college women doesn't know the answer to a question like this? It isn't to be mean, just to find out why so many young people are lacking in s_x knowledge.



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