Pregn After M C Is It Possible

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Kay - October 19

I recently had a m/c in mid sept. it was a blighted ovum . i was supposed to be at 12 weeks. when my ultrasound determined it was a blighted ovum. a sac but no baby. i started to bleed that night. however there wasnt alot going on becuase there was no formation. I had No D& C i was bleeding on an off for a week or two .they followed up on my levels.. and they went down right way. two days after the mc they were almost back to normal within the week they were norm.. Now i think that i am pregnant again . But im not sure. My doctor said i would be super fertile and could try right way again. Now Ive had nausea and vomitting a few times but mostly incredibly sensitive nipples which ive only ever had the last tiem i was pregnant. is it possible to get pregnant 4 weeks after a misscarriage. i have still not had my period yet either. anyone know anything about this ??? should i go get blood work ?? will it determine im pregnant even if im only 1-2 weeks pregnant ????


E - October 19

The feelings a woman goes through after a miscarriage, due to the sudden hormone drop, mimics pregnancy. Sensitive b___sts, mood changes, cravings, nausea, ... Especially after 12 weeks. It is possible that you are pregnant again but let's hope not. My doctor told me that a woman needs to wait one full cycle b4 becoming pregnant again or she is more likely to miscarry again compared to if she had waited the full cycle. I was told a blood test can determine if you are pregnant as early as 10 days post conception.


kay - October 19

thanks e... yeah , my doctor told me i could get pregnant right way.. or could try to anyway . he didnt tell me how long it would physically take though. before we started to try . i was told my levels we back to normal and everything was fine. he said that after a miscarraige it is the equivalent to having a period everything is cleaned out and freash. but i dont know. thanks for the info. i just really wanted to know if it was possible to actually get pregnant so quick after a miscarriage.... and how soon i could detect. im gonna get blood work and see what it says. my finace leaves to go out to sea on monday for a while so i wont get to tell him if i am :( thanks again e


danielle - January 5

i had a miscarraige at 5 weeks about 7 months agao it took me ages before i fell pregnant again i fell on oct 04 and miscarried at 12 weeks yesterday 04/01/05 i will try again though we are all diferent good luck


m - January 5

Kay, like E said it is best to wait at least one full cycle. However, it is possible. I had a mc in early September, and about 3 weeks later, I ovulated, and got pregnant again. I didn't wait a cycle, therefore my body wasn't ready yet, and I lost that one too in late October. Now I have waited 2 full cycles and I'm ttc as we speak! Good luck to you!


m - January 5

Oops, I just noticed that this was back in October. Kay, are you still there? If so, how did things turn out?


danielle - January 5

i do know know what some of you have been through as i feel like ive been though loads if u would like to talk then email me at [email protected] please


Kay - January 5

Yes . i got pregnant. later that month . Im currently 14 weeks pregnant as of today . i ovulated about two weeks after i m/c and got pregnant again . everything is fine and healthy


m - January 5

I'm so happy for you!! Congrats!


H - January 5

Congrats Kay!!!! That is wonderful. Good luck with that pregnancy gas. It's a real pain, lol.


danielle - January 6

kay do u think you could email me with some advice as i have to miscarraiges 1 at 5 weeks and 1 at 13 weeks i want to try again but scared how many have u had and do you know wen you are ovulating, congrats hope everything goes well with your pregnancy and good luck,wen do u think i should start to try again email me at [email protected] please thanx xx



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