Pregnacy After Miscrriage

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Heather - January 30

Hi: I've had two spontaneous miscarriages , both happned around 6 weeks, naturally. The last one was just last week. My doctor had no opinion on when I could try again. Is it true that I'm more fertile now? Any stories of women having sucessful births after miscarriage and before getting a period?


Kelly G - January 31

Hi Heather, I just had a miscarriage about two weeks ago. I was about 6 weeks along and did not need a D&C. My doctor told me to wait a week before having intercourse again and that we could begin trying again when we were ready. So....I took it as we could start trying after a week. I don't have a success story yet, but we are going to start trying right away. I hope something happens. I have also heard that you are the most fertile the three month after a miscarriage as well. Keep me updated.


tara - January 31

I had a miscarrige is Oct/04 and was advised to wait 1 week before having s_x and try to wiat 1 period before starting to try for a baby again. The 1 week is to avoid infections. And the 1 month is so that they can have an idea for a due date. But you don't necessarly have to wiat a can start trying when you feel you are ready.


Wanting a healthy baby... - February 1

Heather, I had a miscarriage in August of 2004. I was 6 weeks. My husband & I are trying and have been for the past 3 months to get preg. I am supposed to start my period again in a couple of weeks. Hopefully it will not come this time :-)! I would love to have a sucess story to share with you. Good Luck.


Heather - February 1

wanting....good luck to you, I hope it happens. anyone else?


Vanessa - February 2

Me!! I have a miscarriage of my baby when I was about 6 weeks 4 years ago..2 years ago,I gave birth to my girl triplets....Kate, Melissa and Zoe.....Wish ya good luck Heather...Now I'm pregnant with a baby girl! Any good names?


kate - February 2

Oh Vanessa you already have great taste in'll do fine choosing on more!!


Angie - February 5

I had a miscarriage in Mar of 2001 and became pregnant before I even had a cycle. I became pregnant in April2001 and delivered a 10lbs 3 oz baby girl in January of 2002 . We already had a daughter and two is a blessing. We tried for a 3rd and just suffered our second miscarriage and are hoping for the same luck we had after the first miscarriage.


Pamela - February 14

Hi Heather, I had one spontaneous abortion, then 7 months later I was pregnant with my son born on Christmas day 2001. 11 months later I had a tubal pregnancy, in which my tube was tied. This July, 2004 I was pregnant with twins, and everything was perfect, and then they just stopped growing. They did a D&C September 9th, and I got pregnant again one week later. So I guess you could say that the first 3 months are the most fertile since I got pregnant one week later and I am now 22 weeks pregnant. I think that if you prepare your body for pregnancy, it will happen. Before your loss, you were probably taking folic acid or some kinds of vitamins which create a perfect environment for a new baby to develop. I had a little brown clotty bleeding, at 6 weeks into my pregnancy (my discovery that I was pregnant again), because of marginal placenta previa which went away by the 12th week. It was caused by not giving my body time to heal, but everyone is different. Since the 12th week, everything has been smooth and no more Placenta Previa. Of course, you cannot help but to worry for your unborn childs life from doctors appointment to the next, but I made it this far, and I know you could too. Keep taking those vitamins, it will help for a successful pregnancy if you take them before getting pregnant.


cryss - February 15

Hi Heather, Just an FYI-I heard from the nurse at the gyno. that 1 out of every 4 women have a miscarriage. It is just something that happens and many women will then have a normal pregnancy. I am sure that you are nervous since you have had 2 miscarriages but your next pregnancy could be fine. It wouldnt hurt and would be probably good to talk to your gyno. Have you set up an appt. to talk to the gyno?


Paula - February 17

I had a spontaneous miscarriage last April-somewhere around 7 weeks. My doctor said to wait for one to three periods and then try again. I got pregnant again on June 11 and am due in four weeks. Everything seems to be going well. Hope that was helpful. Good luck


karen - April 4

Heather I had a complete miscarriage on Oct 7 2004. It was the most horrifiing experience in my life. The good news is that I am now 14 weeks pregnant and counting. I am happy that I am now going into my second trimester. The doc has a__sured me that the baby is strong and healthy. Thank God. I am sure when the timing is right you will get good news


Alexa - April 29

Hi! I also had a miscarriage about two weeks ago. My Dr. told me to wait two regular menstrual cycles before trying again. I also read that you are the most fertile aftr a miscarriage, but I am not sure about this information as my Dr. did not mention anything about this. Women have gotten pregnant before a period but Drs. do suggest that there be a waiting period. Good Luck to you!!


vikki - May 4

Hi Heather, I had 1 tubal pregnancy, 1 miscarriage and 1 abortion, it took me 2 years after that to conceive, but went I did, I ended up with triplet girls-Arionna, Breonna and Teonna. Right now they are 18 mo. In January I found out I was pregnant again. so you will be fine.


Ana - May 15

I had amiscarriage Feb/05 and was told not to have s_xual intercourse for at least 40 days. Now I'm am pregnant again. Good luck Heather!


amanda - September 11

hi! I had a miscarriage about 4 months ago and my doctor told me to wait 2 menstral cycles before trying again because it thickens your endometrim which allows you to carry the baby better makes for a healthier pregnancy


Amy - September 11

Hi Heather i had a natural m/c on may 3 and i got pg 3wks later with no af in between i'm now 17wks 1d it took me and hubby 8mons to get pg then had the m/c and then it was quick after the m/c so for me i would say i was more fertile



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