Pregnacy Ovulation Test Confusion Someone Please Help

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Daisy - August 29

h__lo everyone just I had a question I had brought ovulation test and pregnancy test from baby hopes they are the cassett ones. I had my period a day and half early the first day it was pink and later brown and I had little brown spotting not enough to fill a pad or anything but only when I whipped.Ive been a little nauseas, very tired I have to go to bed around 12 when I usualy go to bed at 2. I take naps a few times a day which I never do I'm normaly very active, my tip of my nipples are a little tinggly other than that my br___t are fine. I'm not sure how to tell the fullness. Any advice? My temps are fulctuation between 98.3-99.0. normally after my period they go back down to the 97's. My cerxiv is between high and medium I think it's soft it doesnt feel like a tip of the nose. And I have a few cramps every now and then nothing bad just annoying when there. My periods are normally 2-3 days long very heavy with dark blood and lots of cramps to the point I stay in bed for those 3 days. I accidently took a ovulation test.instead of a pregnancy test the day after spotting and it was a light pink second line. then I saw that I opened and tested with the ovulation one. so i opened the pregnancy one it it was negative. A day later I tested with bother just of curiosity and the ovulation one came up positive again and the pregnancy negative. I know I cant already be ovulating after 5-6 days and besides I dont have ovulation cervical mucus. Could it be that they mixed up the test and the ovulation is actualyl the pregnancy?? I would go out and buy a pregnancy test from the store but my car is in the shop and no way out to get one. I really believe I'm pregnany I dont feel like me and I have the signs that I'm pregnant dont I?? My husband left back to Iraq 3 days ago he was on a leave for a month so he was here when we possibly concieved. So I'm very confused some one help me until I can buy a pregnancy test on Friday when I get my car back... Sorry this is so long.


Amy - August 29

dasiy when you do the ovulating test it is only + if the second line is darker or as dark as the test line so if it was a light pink line i would say that is neg to


Alycia - August 29

I answered your question in the other section.


Daisy - August 29

my question is do I sound liek I'm pregnant? and is it possible that they mixed the ovulation and pregnancy test up. because they look the same and everything?



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