Pregnancy After A Tubal

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autumnrai - January 20

Hello I was wondering if anyone has had a tubal ligation done and then went on to get pregnant? I had one done about 2 yrs ago...and I believe I am late by like 3 or 4 days. I am always on time although sometimes I have af for 10 days other times just 5. I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I have had some pinkish tinted mucous and some bad cramps like I am gonna start but nothing. I just wondered if anyone had been pregnant after having this done and if so what thier symptoms were? Thanks!


tf - January 25

I have been wondering the same thing. I had mine tied 6 1/2 years ago. AF has been shorter and lighter for the last few months but all pregnancy tests show negative. My stomach is getting bigger now but only in the lower part. I have 2 kids so I know what it feels like to be pregnant and I do have a lot of the symptoms. I have the little white bumps on my nipples but I don't know if they were there before and I just didn't notice them. Anyone have any ideas?


candy - January 26

accually ladies my aunt had one and she got preg...she had it done like 4 yrs prier....but her preg tests didnt show anything so i would go to the dr...and she lost it so i dont think there is much they can do for it cept to remove it...but dont hold me on that go to the dr....good luck


tf - January 26

Candy -- was her pregnancy a tubal pregnancy? I know that I have a higher change of it being in the tubes if I was pregnant.


autumnrai - January 26

I wonder if the symptoms are the same in those kind of pregnancies? I don't think they are....I still have not had my period...took another test it was neg...gonna take another one in about a week just in case I messed up when I should have gotten it. How old are you tf? I know the younger you are when you have the tubal...the higher the chances of you becoming prego. I was 23 when I had mine done.


candy - January 26

yea it was tubal...i would def go to the dr...


tf - January 26

I was 26 when I had mine done and I am now 33. My periods have only been about a day and a half and very light for the past few months. All my pregnancy tests are still showing negative.


Rachel - February 11

HI i have similar questions. I had a tubal almost 3 yrs ago, and i missed my period for a month, which never happen. Then i got my period but its not normal. I have not had any clots just blood. Has this happened to anyone?


HM - February 13

I to have always had normal periods. But the last one started and stoped in the same day, and it was not really red. It was more like a brownish color. I had a tubal about 6 1/2 years ago. I took a home test and it came back neg. should I take another one or go to th doctor? I really feel that I am pregnant. I have been really tired, and feeling sick the past week. I also have slight discomfort in my lower abdomine. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


rhonda621 - February 14

I also had my tubes tied...3 years ago in April. My periods have always come like clockwork and have always been about 7 days long. Starting in Dec. they have been strange. Dec. only lasted about 3 days, Jan. only 2, and I'm about a week late this month. Also, I've been having some really strange dreams like I did when I had my other 3 kids, my sinuses have been crazy, I feel like my stomach is getting bigger and I've been having on and off bouts with nausea and vomitting...Also, I have been have some weird sensations in my abdomen. I don't know if I should take a test or go to the Dr. I'm wondering if maybe because there are so many people around me right now that are pregnant if maybe I'm wishing I was...any thoughts, ideas or suggestions????



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