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mjs264 - February 8

I should know the answer to my own question, but I need to have it confirmed. I had a m/c and d/c exactly 2 weeks ago this past Friday. Dr said to wait after one normal cycle to ttc again. However, me and dh had unprotected s_x on one occasion on the Saturday after making 2wks. My question is, is there a chance that I could get pregnant again so soon after a d/c? I'm kind of worried about the situation I might've put myself in. I'd hate to go through another failed pregnancy. I appreciate any advice on this.


Rhonda - February 8

Alot of women get pregnant right after having a m/c.It just depends on the womans body,how well a pregnancy soon after a m/c will go.They say it's better to wait at least one or two cycles,so your body can recover.But just b/c you have one m/c that dose not mean you will have another one.But ya they say a woman is more fertile right after a m/c b/c the cervix is still open&makes eaiser for sperm to travel in there.I hope the best for you when you do get pregnant again&sorry about you losing your baby.I have had several m/c myself.


mjs264 - February 8

Thanks Rhonda. Just hearing something or anything from anyone kinda eases my mind.


AshleyB - February 8

Hi, yeah, you are more fertile for about 3cycles after a m/c. A way you could find out maybe. Did you have any more blood tests to see if the hcg was down yet? If not, you could take a hpt and see if it still says +. It took 3 1/2wks to get a negative on a hpt for me. Then 2wks later I got my period. Usually if the hcg is still up then you won't ovulate until it goes down. That's what my doc said. So if you're still testing +, chances are you didn't ovulate yet and wouldn't be pg from that one time. Even if you did, I've done alot of research on it, because I just wanted to ttc again right away. But it's so inconclusive as to whether or not you are at a higher risk if you do become pg again right after. There are so many women that have healthy babies that got pg without an AF in between. So don't worry. Plus, if your body isn't healed and ready, the egg won't implant. I believe the body will only get pg if it's ready. Otherwise you 'd just get a period and you'd never know. Good Luck. I hope I helped a little.


Rhonda - February 8

I will also tell you that i had a m/c b/f i even knew i was pregnant &got pregnant within two wks later,and that baby is a healthy 11 1/2 month old girl.she will be 1yrs old on the 13th.So your next pregnancy could be a very healthy one.keep your hopes high.


Daniella - February 11

mjs264- what was your HCG at when you had your D&C? or the last time they took your levels?? Just like Ashley said, you cant ovulate again until your HCG is all the way down. ___My HCG was at 10,000 the day of my D&C... it took 4.5 weeks to get all the way down and I ovulated first time at 5 weeks and conceived. I am now 28 weeks now with a healthy little boy!! So, when your body is ready it will!!


mjs264 - February 11

Hey Daniella, thanks for replying. It's funny how just about everyone knows their levels, but for me, they never told me anything. Not even from the first day or the day of my d&c. I guess I just have to keep taking the hpts to know huh? It is nerve wrecking to wonder when the heck you're going to ovulate or have you af. Thanks.


flowerchild - February 12

Hi, I have been searching since the weekend before last for some sort of answer but have found none. I had a D&C Dec. 2nd 05 and the last 5-7 day period I have had was the one that started DEC 2nd. Dr says if I have any bleeding since that stopped, regardless of how long, then the hormone should be out of my system. ok, so..... Since the weekend before last I have lost count of the positive HPT's I have had, literally about 20 (yes I am addicted), I had an appt last thurs which the urine was negative but since thursday I have taken some of those 20 tests and they were all positive, I have been waiting since thursday for results of BT, should I count 20-1 positive tests as a definite yes u r pregnant? or could I have HCG left 10 weeks after D&C? Yes the last one was darker...... I am so confused because I know I have had other bleeding heavy enough for a pad, but if it doesn't last at least 5 days, I don't count it but my dr. does......Insight? Courtney


AshleyB - February 12

Hi Flowerchild-so if I read your post right, you haven't had any bleeding besides the one that started on dec 2nd? If that is the case, I would definatly think the hormone should 've been out of your system by then. Have you been taking hpt's like every week kinda watching it, or just recently. Because if you were monitoring it yourself that way and ever had a negative then yeah you would def. be pg now. But I guess if you just recently started taking the tests, you wouldn't know, huh? Well, just from what I've read, I would think this was a new pregnancy. Especially if the line is getting darker on the hpt. Have you had any other symptoms?? Good Luck on the blood test, hopefully it will be the answer you want. I haven't heard of it taking anyone THAT long for the hcg to leave you system.


AshleyB - February 12

Also I forgot to add, that it's possible there may be some tissue that was left behind from the d&c in your uterus. Sometimes they don't get it all and that can cause your levels to stay up. Have you had an ultrasound to see if it was all out or not?


robbinsnest - February 20

I don't think you could get pregnant that soon, you need to have normal periods and ovulation. It actually took me 11 months to get pregnant after a d&c. Hopefully it won't take that long for you. My Dr. said a good 3 to 6 months before trying again would be best for your body. I am now pregnant with my 5th child!


Rhonda - February 21

I have had a total of 3m/c & with the first two i had to have a d&c.After my second d&c,i got pregnant around 3mos later.Then after i had my m/c close to 2yrs ago,that baby i lost b/f i even knew i was pregnant,and got pregnant within a wk or two after that.



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