Pregnancy After Depo Shot

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MARIBEL - April 14



Ginger - April 14

There is a very SLIGHT chance. Most women (including me) take 6-18 months of trying to conceive after depo to be successful. For many women, it takes a year for their periods to come back. (You can get pregnant before your period comes back if you ovulate before period shows.) After going off of depo, most women that I have talked with have symptoms that make them think they are pregnant when they aren't. I had nausia, sore b___sts, moodiness, and more. The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. I know I took several during those first 3 months off depo....


1 - April 19

no i doubt it


Latresha Sanders - April 26

My last shot was due in dec/05. I started my period in jan. what are my cahnces on conceiving


angel - April 27

i have been on the deop shot now for goin on 6 years next one due in june i want to get off the shot ,,,,can i still have kids for baing on the shot this long and about how long can or will it take for me to concieve once i am off the depo shot?


nicole - April 28

YES!!!!! I am, my last shot was Decemeber 22 and I am far enough along to show up on a home pregnancy test. I got my blood drown and sure enough, I am pregnant


Jaimee - April 30

I was on the implant for 3 years and then and once that was finished i went on the depo, i haven't had a period in all that time. My depo was due to run out some time this month, what do you think are the chances of being pregnant?


TO MARIBEL - June 14

Hey how is it going, did u findout anything yet?? I'm in the same positionas u are my last shot was in january and i was suppose to go back in april but i didn't, ifeel pregnant, my tummy as gotten bigger, my b___bs hurt so bad and they never ever hurt, backaches, headaches neauiousness but urine test are coming back negative. so i just wanted to know if u found out anything.


from maribel - June 14

well istarted my period on 06/09 so hopefully i'll get pregnant by the end of this month


TO MARIBEL - June 14

See i haven't been getting my period, i think the last time i had something like a period was in april and that was it. I'm having bleeding, but its like every week, sometimes it last ffor an hr or a couple of dyas but its light light, dottings pretty much. I feel like i'm going insane.


from maribel - June 15

have you been to a DR?


TO MARIBEL - June 15

No i'm afraid to, I wanted to go to get an ultra sound, but they are soo expensive,so i have to wait a bit


Malikah - July 8

I had a c-section and after my six week check up I had s_x right after my injection could i get pregnant?



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