Pregnancy After Hernia Repair

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momma g - December 4

Please help!!! I had hernia repair over three years ago. It was repaired with mesh. My husband and I are thinking about trying for our third, but have concerns. What are the risks involved with pregnancy after hernia repair?


mjvdec01 - December 5

You need to talk to your OB before you get pregnant. I don't think anyone in here is qualified to answer your question. Good luck!


princesa - December 6

Depending on what kind of hernia you had will determine the risks involved. A hernia is a weakening of tissue, or muscle or intestine, and depending on what caused your hernia in the first place. It wouldnt have any risks for the baby, but you could possibly give yourself another hernia (depending on where and what kind it was) so i probably wouldnt talk to your OB. I would talk to to general physician who did or recommended the surgery because they know more about hernias, repairs, and any possible complications that may arise


Bebe - December 11

Hi, I have had 3 c-sections the last resulting in an incisional hernia to the right of my naval, I was instructed not to have anymore children due to the hernia - my ob had said my body could easily cope with another pregnancy pre hernia. I have an appointment this week with the doctor who performed the c-section to see whether more kids are viable and what the risks are for me and the bub. My hubby had a vasectomy 5 months ago as instructed by the surgeon who performed my mesh hernia repair - not happy that he misinformed us as now we need either a reversal of the vasectomy or IVF. Any advise ladies?


Bebe - December 11

Forgot to mention my mesh hernia repair was performed in May of this year - perhaps that makes a difference. I may need to wait longer for the mesh to heal completely. Will keep you informed on what the doc says on Thursday.



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