Pregnancy After Miscarriage

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shell - February 12

can you request an early scan when u have recently had a miscarriage and r now pregnant again?


Elizabeth - December 23

I had a miscarriage last week and had been calling my doctor of problems I was having and they kept telling me to wait until my appointment on the 21st of Dec. Well, we didn't make it that long. I would encourage you to tell your doctor you want to see him. If you are paying him he should do whatever you request of him as far as vists no matter how silly they may think you are being. Next time, I will be using a different doctor and if they are unwilling to meet my requests, regardless of how silly they may feel they are, I will take my money where it matters.


kerrie - December 24

u can get your midwife to send u for an early scan to make sure every thing is fine they did with me anyway i had a miscarrage in jan 2004 and got pregnant in the april after as soon as i new i was prg i went to the docs and i made him send me to put my mind at rest u can also make up something like u have had spotting and stuff and go to your early pregnacy unit at the hostpital its up to u but good luck and try not to worry to much im now 36+5 wks merry christmas


t - December 24

I had an early scan after my miscarriage when I was pregnant with my youngest son...good thing too, I had a partial placental abruption. Everything turned out fine, though. It's not unreasonable under the circ_mstances. I think I was about 6 weeks or so when they did a transv____al ultrasound.


to Elizabeth - December 24

What a rotten doctor you had! I am really sorry for your loss. I hope you change your doctor and get a better one. When I had my miscarriage, it was about 4 hours after my doctor told me I was fine and so was the new doctor is a much more cautious fellow and I like him much better...good luck when you decide to ttc again!



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