Pregnancy After The Depo Shot

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rose - February 22

just wondering if anybody has successfully achieved a pregnancy after the depo provera last shot was 3 years ago and i still am not anyone else having this problem?


hailey - February 23

i have been off the shot since august and have been trying. finally i called my doctor and complained and she is going to put me on a medicine called provera to start my period and start ovulating hopfully.hope this helps!


Danielle - February 25

I was on the Depo shot for 3 years. After my last shot my period returned in 8 months and I am finally pregnant after 25 months of trying.


Dawnene - February 28

so far so good! I am 36 & almost 4 yrs off the depo shots, & due on march 21,05.


rose - February 28

good for you!!!im happy to hear your stories.. my doctor is putting me on clomid if im not pregnant by march 8th(keeping my fingers crossed) but like i said its been 3 years so im not expecting it to happen before then...i do have some symptoms though so we will see.....


Jai - March 2

I guess it all depends because, I was on depo for 8 years and my last shot was the end of march 2004 and I became pg in the end of October beginning of November and I'm due July 29th. If you pray and let nature take it's course I'm sure it will happen. As soon as we stopped TTC it happened,but like I said every woman is different some get there fertility back as quick as 6months others take years. My advice is just pray about it. Good luck!


mysty - April 1

i was on depo for 5 years got off it to get pregnant it took about a year but i did succeed and now i have a beautiful daughter


M - April 1

it took me almmost 2 years after the depo


Michele - April 13

I started taking the depo in March of 2000 and quit taking it at the start of this year. my doctor has put me on bc pills then a dose of provera to start my period and still nothing, all i did was spot. i am 32 and have a 12 year old and want another child soon. i hope someone has good news as to how long i will have to wait. this month if the 2nd pack of bc pills works, they are going to start me on a round of clomid........if anyone has any good news please let me know.


Lily - April 13

I understand your problem completely. During my college years I used two shots. So I was on the drug for 6 months. I stopped taking it because I found out some startling information about it. That was over 4 years ago, and my husband I tried concieving for almost a year (on every month cycle) before getting success. I'm convinced it was because of the way my body reacted on the shot. I had to take another form of controceptive in order to get my ovulation cycle back, I would definitely talk to a doctor, if I were you. It is definitely possible to get pregnant after taking the shot though....I wish you the best of luck.


JCat - April 13

I had 3 depo shot (posion shots). It's been a year since my last one and I'm now 6w4d preggers. So there is hope. See if you can get your doc to put you on Clomid (sp?) or another ovulation inducing drug. If you want to got the natural approach try some vitex (Cheste berry), progestrone cream, and other things of that sort. But ask your doc. If he/she won't listen try another one.


Julia - April 19

I was on Depo for 3 years, missed my enf of Feb shot and am now due Dec 16th HAHAHA. Guess it can happen a bit faster then one may think


Nicole Pogan - April 28

Today is March 28 and I am pregnant. I'm not sure how far along I am yet but about 4-6 weeks and my last depo shot was December 22. I was on the depo for over 2 years. We planned to become pregnant that is why I got off it but I wasn't planning to get pregnant this soon!! Now I'll be pregnant all through summer and have the baby in Ohio's winter. Don't get me wrong, I am very blessed but just bad timing.


annamarie - June 1

hello i been off the depo for 2 months now and i think i might be pregnant what are the signs after the shot?


Christina - June 1

Well I had my first daughter 11 months after I went off of Depo. After my daughter I used "The patch" I went off of the patch in February and March 6th I conceived my second child? There is definetly hope!


rashe - June 7

i was on the shot for 6 months and i was wondering if anyone had any weird ailments after depo?


Brea - June 19

I had my last depo shot sept 04. I bled from the last week in Nov until the 2nd week in Jan 05', and I have not bled since. My husband came home from over seas the 2nd week in May until the 4th week of May and we were having unprotected s_x the entire time. For the past two weeks I have had acne, b___st tenderness, and consistent v____al discharge. Is it likely that I am ovulating without a period? Could I be pregnant? Thankyou for any responses!



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