Pregnancy And Cats

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mandi - September 1

is there a danger in pregnant people being around cats and or cat litter?


Allison - July 18

There is a disease that can be caught be the cat litter and the poop that is in it. I do not know what it is called but i do know that the cat can not hurt you. Just let someone else clean the litter box.


brucen - July 19

It's called toxoplasmosis. It only applies if you let your cat outside. Cats being cats will sometimes catch birds, eating raw meat, no matter the source,is how the cat contracts toxoplasmosis. You can be tested to see if you have ever had it, if so you have nothing to worry about. You can not catch it again. If you have not had it, can't be tested, or can't get someone else to clean the litter box wear gloves and a mask when cleaning the litter box. Wash up thorougly afterwards, accidental ingestion of cat feces is how humans contract toxomosis. You should also take care when gardening as strays or your cat might decide the flower bed is a purrfect litter box! Please excuse the pun--couldnt help myself.


Stormy - July 21

I have two cats that I allow outside and this makes me very nervous. If i continue to let them outside, as long as i stear clear of there waste will I be ok? I cant keep the cats indoors they tear things up. My husband has no problems cleaning the litter box up for me. Will i still be safe to go around my cats?


Micayla Mcrae - July 22

I don't know for sure but unless your allergic to cat's or kittens you should be okay around them


brucen - July 22

I have four kitties and so far so good, they stay outside mainly. When I do pet them I wash my hands after, just to be safe. You should be fine.


felicia - July 23

...what? i guess ive just never heard of that..thats actually really interesting to know!


stormy - July 24

Thanks much apreciated


Halie - August 12



Tar - August 13

This is to is only in cats that catch small animals outside(ex birds or mice). Unfortunately you don't know what you are talking about so keep your comments to yourself


kellie - August 14

i know that there is a blood test that your doctor can preform while you are pregnate if you have a cat to check for the levels in the blood of the toxoplasmosis. even in inside cats it is possible. so be careful..


Angela - August 14

Just to be safe I would steer clear of the cat poop and changing the litter, have someone else do the tedious project for ya!!!! and always wash up!!!! and you'll be fine!!!


kaylum - August 20

how long does a cat stay pregnate


Brittany - August 31

Hey, I have a cat that is pregnant. If I pick her up will the little babies in her bellie die or will they have any problem when they are born?


Monica2 - September 1

The cats are ok but not the cat litter. Do not clean the litter box. Have someone else do it.


Kyla - December 4

Are kitten normally sleeps with this safe. Our kitten does not go outside but my concern is that when she uses that litter box that there could be germs on her paws that she could bring into our bed....should I stop letting the kitten sleep in our bed??


Lisa - December 4

It can also be contracted through contaminated soil if you accidentally touch your mouth after gardening. I have also read that eating contaminated raw or partially cooked meat, particularly lamb, pork or venison can also be a danger.



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