Pregnancy And Cats

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Lisa - December 4

It can also be contracted through contaminated soil if you accidentally touch your mouth after gardening. I have also read that eating contaminated raw or partially cooked meat, particularly lamb, pork or venison can also be a danger.


jessica - February 24

yes it they do not take the right steps they can get infected with toxomosis. it is most common in cats that eat raw meat and cat feces. this doesnot mean that they cant be around their cats it just means they have to wash their hands more offten.


bob - May 7



Candice - May 8

Someone has asked me if I was going to get rid of our cat when the baby was born. She said that she has heard of them sleeping on the baby's heads in the crib, suffocating them. Has anyone else heard of this? If so, any way to make sure it doesn't happen?


Kay - May 8

Candice, it's not a jealousy thing or anything, the cat just knows it's warm in there. Best to keep the door closed so the cat can't come into the baby's room.


Justine - May 9

Candice - There's absolutely no reason to get rid of your cat. Cats smoothering babies is very rare but it does happen - All you need to do is keep it out of the baby's room at night. Cats should also be supervised when with babies (to stop them biting, scratching or jumping/sitting on the baby etc). When the baby starts crawling you just need to keep it out of the way of the cat food and cat litter as babies tend to pick up things and put it in their mouths. It'll be fine.


KrisD - May 9

About the toxoplasmosis... We have two cats so I was tested for it. Most women that have owned cats have already been exposed to Toxoplasmosis, and therefore have the antibodies present in their blood (that is a good thing). If a woman had never been exposed, she would need to take more precautions when dealing with the litter, or gardening, etc. For the time being I would have someone else handle the litter or use gloves and do not feed the cats raw meat. Also, just be sure to wash vegetables very well and cook your own meet thoroughly. I also called my vet and they do offer a blood test for the cats. The cheapest I could find was $48.


Sis - May 9

I have 2 cats but they do not go outside. But my doctor said I cannot change their litter so I have my kids do it. So being around them is okay, its the litter u must stay away from.


genney - May 16

When should the babey's start showing ?


Jodie - May 16

You should wash your hands after even patting your cat as they clean themselves everywhere and can spread it anywhere on their body


sam - May 22

i have no idea


kyla - June 7

how long is the cat pregnacy?


kayla - September 21

yes there is


Jessica - September 21



Dustie - September 21

Toxoplasmosis. That is what you are at risk of if you handle cat poop. Your cat gets it from eating raw meat or other animals. You have to handle the actual poop and then touch your mouth. It is not as easily transmitted as some think. If you MUST clean the litter yourself, wear a mask & gloves.


TEIGAN - September 27

you can only catch toxoplasmosis off the actual poop of the cat, it can not be caught off the cats fur, do not over worry, just use rubber gloves yo clean the litter trays and when gardening x



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