Pregnancy And Dreams

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Virgilia - January 28

Has anyone else noticed that they having a lot more vivid dreams since they became pregnant. Before I was lucky if I remembered parts of a dream every now and then. And now it seems like I'm having a lot more dreams and they are pretty vivid and I remember them alot better and some of them are pretty bizarre. Anyone else experience this?


livdea - January 28

OH YEAH! I"m having at least one good dream a night and remember it like crazy. They are totally wacked out dreams. I was the same before...maybe I'd remember that I had a dream but never could I remember what it's about! Now though, geez...I feel ya! Im 16.5 weeks and it's getting more crazy!


Elle - January 28

Heck yes! I hate it too, because most of the time they are not pleasant dreams. I remember them when I wake up and they have a tendency to effect the rest of my day. Yuck. As if it's not hard enough for a pregnant woman to get a good night's sleep - now we have to throw in the dream factor!! Thank God it's not every night though. Good luck to you and SWEET dreams!!


izzy1052 - January 28

actually since i got pregnant im dreaming a lot less... before i got pregnant i would have really bad nightmares and they would always pick up from where they left off the night before.. quite weird so i was never looking forward to goin to sleep lol.. now im lucky to sleep long enough to get a dream started...


k. - January 29

For sure, this month has definitely been different.


seven - January 29

got a dream question for all of you... i am ttc and thinking that this is the month i have been havinh alot of the symptoms and have been noticing that i have been having alot of very vivid dreams. and like elle's they tend to affect the rest of my day. so my question is did any of u experience this really early in your pregnancy? thanks!


seven - February 2



krc - February 2

Lately I keep dreaming about my hair ! I'm one of those gals who always dye their hair. I had every color of the spectrum and the past 6 months I've been coloring it copper red. Well now that Im pregnant my hair is growing twice as fast as normal and my roots are already an inch long. I keep having mental wars if I should let the natural color grow out ( which I haven't seen in 4 years ) or color it again. I think about this every single day. SILLY ! I know, but hey...i've always been like this when it comes to my hair. So dreams lately are of me trying to dye it and it not coming out right, or it is perfect, or I have hair down to my b___t and it is blonde, or to my shoulders and it's straight and black. But even if in my dream im going on an adventure like im indiana hair is still an issue !!!! I'll be jumping cliffs avoiding monsters while contemplating what to do with my hair !!!


Steph - February 2

Not sure uf anyone has ever had this dream, but I did when I was pregnant with my daughter eight years ago and I just had the same type of dream last night. I was at the doctor and he did an u/s and asked me if I wanted to hold my baby for a little while. Of course I told him yes, and he "unzipped" my side and took out the baby! It was a boy and I got him dressed and held him for a bit until the doctor had to put him back. Sooooo weird. Now it will be interesting to see if I am having a boy!!


krc - February 2

Thats too funny. Dreams are something else huh. I've had weird dreams like that too but not yours!


Laci - February 2

LOL i have been having alot of bad dreams, like last night i had a dream that i went to a hotel party (i never party) and it was just me and some of my girlfriends, then the next morning i went looking for my truck and it was gone and so was my phone. then i looked in the back of the hotel and found my truck and in it was my (camera) phone. i fliped it open to see if i had any missed calles and where a picture usually is of my boyfriend, there was a picture of me and my friends walking back to our hotel from the pool and a guy in a red hat with an axe behind us, then i was on the hwy on my way home and he ran me off the road and killed the cop that tried to help me. it scared me so much that it woke me up and i had to look at my phone to see if it really happend. CRAZY!!!


Angela - February 2

my dreams are a mixture of realilty and s_xuality... seriously I dont ever think about other men other than DH and lately I have been hot n heavy in my dreams with my OB, ex boyfriends, and kevin frederline... the weird thing is that I know Im married in most of my dreams so I stop myself before s_x happens, but I dont know where these dreams are coming from... Steph... last night part of my dream was my u/s and the technician showed me the picture and said you see the 3 little white lines... it's a girl!!! so Im excited to see if it is actually a girl :)


falafal0 - February 3

I actually have been having failry vivid dreams too. The one dream that haunts me though is a dream I had at around conception, maybe just before. I dreamt that I was five months pregnant and lost a little boy, I was crying for three days afterwards everytime I talked about it or thought about it. It was exactly like I had gone through it - other people from the family were in was horrible. I'm rather nervous to see if it will come true...


livdea - February 3

I had the most horrible dream last night and I thought it was true when I woke up! I dreamt that I had a miscarriage! Now I'm kinda freaking out, thinking that maybe it's an insight to the future, even though I know thats silly....I still just didn't like it. I woke up this morning and started crying and then I was didn't really happen! I took a couple of deep breaths and now I feel better but thats one dream that I wish I didn't have to have!


fltjt705 - February 20

Wow, dreams are a cool thing. Dreams are a way of dealing with every day to day things. Such as death doesn't really mean death, death is a way of saying that something in your life is going to change such as if you were single the change is now your two instead of one. It could mean a change in jobs or a move. So death isn't really death it's like hyrogliphics, we have to interpret them. For those of you who dream about the s_x of you baby, is the s_x what you want your baby to be? If not, then it just might be what I call your spirit guide giving you a peak. Sorry, I say spirit guide because I believe we have helpers who give us our insticts and help guide us and I say that because of the things that have happend to me. I'm not pregnant but my dh and I are ttc next month. I'm so excited because it will be 13 years ago that I had my son and I'm only 31. I had a dream of my FIL going into the hospital for surgery for his heart and leg. I only told my dh. That week we were givin the news of my FIL going to the hospital for that exact reason I had in my dream. I was floored.



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