Pregnancy And Drinking

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Candice - September 15

Let's say a woman is three weeks pregnant, has not missed a period yet, so she doesn't know that she's pregnant. Maybe the fertilized egg has just attached itself to the uterine lining, so she IS pregnant, but she doesn't know this. If she went out on one of those weekends to a wild party and had quite a few drinks, would that affect the baby? Would it cause her to lose the baby? Would it cause deformities in the baby's development?


Kris - September 15

Lots of women drink before they find out they are pregnant. However, if you are suspicious you might be pregnant..I would suggest not risking it. It can cause higher risk for miscarriage, and higher risk of having a baby with AFS. Though I would doubt it, it is still possible.


Candice - September 15

no there are lots of women who don't realize they are pregnant and drink and all turns out fine, that happened to me i was pregnant did not know it yet and went a party and had some drinks not alot...but more than I should have if I had known of course but so far I am 20wks and i have had 2 reg sono and a level 2 sono (due to my age I am 35yrs old) and all is fine thank goodness......I have known girls who have done much worse (drugs) and they have had healthy babies...don't worry


klm - September 15

Around 3 weeks I thought I was prego but not sure, I drank a lot during that time frame and the found out I was right and felt real guilty. Then at 8 weeks started cramping and bleeding and pa__sed a LOT of tissue, I called my doctor and since I was still bleeding so heavily they waited a week for the u/s to confirm m/c. I went out that following Saturday and drank my sorrows away and when I went, the u/s confirmed there was an empty sac which was a result of the bleeding but right next to it another sac with a healthy strong heartbeat. I could not believe it, it was like finding out I was pregnant all over again. Anyways, I am now 29 weeks and my little boy is growing like a weed and all tests have come back normal. My doctor said that even at 8 weeks a lot of women don't know they are pregnant and that the alcohol does not affect the baby at those early stages.



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