Pregnancy And Hair Dye

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claire j - March 23

Is it safe to have ur hair dyed whilst pregnant? I was 14 wks preg following ivf and had my hair dyed {hairdresser said it would be ok} nxt day my waters broke and it wasnt until 16 wks I deliverd our son still born. horrible experience. About to go thru 2nd cycle of ivf and was just wondering if the hair dye was just a coincedence. Anyone know? thanks in advance.


mtlquebec - March 23

I spoke to my doctor (and did research on this) because of my grey hair. My doctor said that if anything goes wrong, it could be because of it, but nobody knows enough yet to be sure. There has been research into it, and they have no clear evidence that dye causes miscarriages or birth defects, but they don't have proof that it's not the cause either. So, for myself, I've decided to use all natural Henna for now - no additives to be on the safe side. Sorry about your loss, and remember that it could be anything that caused it - and it's more for peace of mind to take every precaution while pregnant.


lisas - March 23

I am sorry to hear about your story but hair dye is not going to do that. I am almost 26 weeks pregnant and I have done my hair twice and my baby is perfect. Some doctors recommend waiting until the 2nd trimester. Good luck.


Been There - March 23

My doctor cautions against it. It's better safe than sorry.


LN030905 - March 23

Hey!! my best friend does hair for a living and she said that there is a kind of hair color the salons have access to that doesnt have the damaging fumes, like normal color does...check into it!!! It may be a lil more expensive, Im not sure..but probably worth the piece of mind!


Jade - March 23

I highly doubt that hair dye caused you to misscarry. The dye bairly even touches your scalp so there is very minimal absorption into your system.


monkey123 - March 23

I'd rather just wait & have my hair dyed after pregnancy. :)


pbj - March 24

I am a hairdresser, I colored my hair from the 2nd trimester on and colored clients hair everyday until I stopped working, my dd is perfectly healthy. It was a concern of mine when I first learned I was preg. so I consulted w/ my OB. and did some reading of my own. The only worry in hair dye is ammonia, there have been studies done that the ammonia from hair dye does not cross the placenta. That being said, if you smell it, it may make you naucious, as it did me in my 1st trimester. If you are still hesitant, you can use a semi or demi permanant (or henna like was mentioned earlier, but the outcome is very unpredictable) which in most cases do not contain ammonia. You can ask your hairdresser to use these. As for highlights, they're actually even safer since they are foils which do not touch your scalp. But like I said the smell may get to you. Your hair goes through changes when you are preg., some say that this does not affect the outcome of the color, but personally I think it can in some instances; so beware. Color your hair, it's ok, I just wouldn't do it if you're feeling sick that day.



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